10 Methods That Can Make Your Inbound Marketing Campaign Great

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inbound marketing pyramidThe internet has seen tremendous growth in terms of marketing this past decade. For marketers, the internet has been the avenue to where they can turn to and finds prospects, customers and even business partners without without having to give up a significant investment like how it was before the digital age. Sadly, I feel that even some of the most tenured internet marketers of today still are underutilizing the internet’s true value.

If we are to take a look at how they spend most of their time, we would see that it gets divided to sensing email out to purchased lists, purchasing add space in popular websites, finding out contact details of prospects or leads for the purpose of cold calling or so they could send direct mail. Although, these methods still work, if we analyze these carefully, we’d see that they are merely just reflections of how we have done things the old fashion way.

The Age of Inbound Marketing Has Come

All we need to keep in mind is that 78% of internet users are online because they are looking for something they would be willing to pay for if found. Since that obviously makes up the bulk of people online why don’t we, internet marketers, devout much of our efforts trying to make sure it is our online doors that these people find? This is the whole premise of inbound marketing. And today I’m going to list 10 effective ways of making sure that you’re one of those taking advantage of this next phase in ecommerce.

  1. If your website represents a brick and mortar business, be sure to claim your spot on popular search engine listings such as Yelp, Google maps, Yahoo local and CitySearch.

  2. Request reviews from your customers and add them as testimonial on our website. These are so valuable that business websites often place them on the home page.

  3. Avoid flash or video content to dominate your home page as these will as of yet be indexed by the search engines.

  4. Integrate social media more particularly social networking sites on your site as it adds a touch of viral possibility once properly placed.

  5. Make sure to not leave out Google plus. I know it isn’t as big as Facebook or Twitter yet; or if it ever will be, but currently I’m seeing far too many Google plus profiles at the top of my search results on Google.

  6. Reserve a tab for a blog. Article marketing is an indispensible part of inbound marketing as it is capable of making a simple website/blog into a melting pot of sought after information on the industry it is founded on.

  7. Dig out those golden keywords. It doesn’t matter much if your site has tons of content if they’re not designed to be found by your business’ target audience.

  8. Get social media to get your website’s back. Streamline your newly published posts to be shown on all major social media sites to get maximum exposure and be relevant to people who may be looking for your product or service.

  9. Use Gomometer to view how your website looks online so you can arrange necessary changes. Mobile computing is said to increase several folds the next few years and you want to position your business as early as now.

  10. Instead on hating on Google’s panda update, why not make it your friend? The algorithm is all about content and once you’ve removed all those spam and replace them with good ones you’ll realize it easy to befriend the panda.

Author Bio:

Sunny Popali is SEO Director at http://tempocreative.com. Tempo Creative is an inbound marketing firm in phoenix  that has served over 700 clients since 2001. Tempo’s team specializes in digital and internet marketing services including web design, SEO, social media and strategy.