10 Things You Can Do To Get Traffic Right Now

Internet trafficEverybody wants to have much traffic on their sites and blogs. SEO technique will create something for you but it is time taking. So the question arises that what we can do to get traffic immediately on our blogs and sites. So, just follow these 10 points and get traffic right now.

Key Points:

  1. Positive Attitude:

Your “Can Do” attitude will make you a successful blogger or a web-host. Most people make websites or blogs, then without doing much for their site and wait for something to happen. If this is your attitude, then please move away. If you are serious in making money through your site then get up and go for kill.

  1. Post on daily basis:

It is much required to post your materials on daily basis. Update your contents, edit them and do whatever you can to attract the visitors. If you are working on a day-to-day plan, then it will only take hardly about 2 to 3 hours a day to maintain your site. It will save your time and also bring traffic to your site because when people see daily different posts then they will definitely come.

  1. Free Ads:

There are many sites from which you can select free ads. Make a list of free ads and post those ads which are related to your content.

  1. Getting free and paid links:

It is good to use free as well as paid links. Both of them surely help you in getting traffic but paid links are in much demand.

  1. Adding your URL:

It is the best way to make traffic. Post your URL to different marketing places. Post your URL on Facebook, Twitter etc. It is just a matter of posting your URL to any place and it will generate traffic for you.

  1. Sending mails:

It is also helpful to have a list of those targeted people who have visited your site and requested you to provide them information about your slot. So it is very beneficial to mail the list of the interested people.

  1. Google Adwords:

The speedy way to get traffic is to start the campaign of Google Adwords. It will help you a lot.

  1. Guest Posts:

Guest Posts are also very favorable for you. Having such a post on your blog which is originally published on a popular blog is itself a traffic generated tool for you. So, it is advantageous for you to have such blog’s link on your blog.

  1. Video Marketing:

The second largest search engine is Youtube. To get more traffic, you can post your videos in reply to other videos. This would help you a lot in getting more visitors. You can do this on Youtube as well as on DailyMotion and MetaCafe.

  1. Never become inactive:

For getting higher number of traffic, you must have to remain active. Just keep yourself motivated and it will surely drive you away.

In short, the art of getting much traffic is only possible when you want to do something new always.

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  1. Amit Shaw says


    Your post is very helpful Mr. Debajyoti. Getting traffic is the top priority for all the blog and site owners, today.
    I am more keen on Google Adwords and video marketing as best ways to get traffic instantly. They are very effective ways to win the attention of the visitors of sites.

    Amit from iTechCode

  2. Sai Kumar says

    Hi Debajyoti Banerjee, Really shared a great tips to get good traffic bro. Here i feel is Post on daily basis and Guest Posting are the free ways to get good traffic. Anyway Thanks for Sharing.

  3. Best Internet Marketing says

    There are some nice points to get traffic instantly. I always use these points to get traffic on my site. Nice sharing. Thanks and appreciated.

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