2013 – Increasing Value For Full HD Display On Upcoming Smartphones

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full hd display

HD Screens are crashing trends in every market and there is no way smartphones could hide off. The growing ingestion of full HD Screens is flattering off people’s interests in many ways. 2013 will surely be a master piece for smartphones with the releases of HD screen mobile devices by the various mobile developing brands. Blackberry 10 would make a debut in this move, which would be consistently followed by Samsung and other brands appealing with flexible screens. The modish trend for full HD screens on hand gadgets is taking up the mobile world by storm. Sony’s Xperia Z, Huawei’s Ascend D2, and ZTE’s Grand S are all shining up with 1080p displays. If these are all few successful mobile inventions that have hit success in higher rates, there is no assurance that all such HD displays needs to be successful.

Full HD displays

High definition (HD) video and imaging needs to provide visuals in a high resolution format. A full HD has to come up with a resolution of 1080p, which means the display has 1920 pixels in width and 1080 pixels in height, thereby giving an overall pixel count of 440ppi (pixels per inch). Pixels are nothing but the small dots which make up a digital image. The higher the screen resolution value, the more is the pixels per inch. A screen with 1080p display will offer a clear and high quality detailed images that could simply take you off the world. Be it a video, photo, app or even a navigation menu, if it is on a 1080p display it just looks awesome.

Just like the way your HD embedded televisions add scores to your living room, your mobile experience will turn off into more impressive with this concept of image quality. If it was for 720p displays in 2011, this year it would be all for 1080p, and who knows the number could rise even the next year and so. There are also few gadgets that make 1080p video recording functionality, with which users are able to watch their videos in the same quality directly from their handset.

Why 1080p display?

As the display of smartphones is much small, it is quite difficult for the human eye to recognize the difference between the screens on 720p and 1080p. The difference could only be seen when the screen displays get bigger and bigger. With tablets the difference in image quality is certainly noticeable. People indeed get confused in choosing the contract phones that best suit their requirements and eventually go for the one with best spec sheet. On comparing two handsets with similar specifications, but one with a 1080p display and the other with 720p screen, the most desirable one will be a full HD device. Also consider the effect of battery life on a 1080p display. Tablets are the best for a long-lasting battery and smartphones are quite restricted in offering this flair.

With lot of mobile devices picturing up each day, high specs and display configurations are definitely not the things to be taken at least importance.


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