3 Critical Questions To Ask Before Online Marketing

online marketingOnline marketing can be extremely beneficial for you if you completely understand how to do it and know exactly what you are dealing with. With millions and millions of people using the Internet all over the world, Internet marketing is like a free ticket to having as big of an audience as you would like, but do you know how to do it? There are a few things you need to ask yourself before you dive into Internet marketing.  Ask yourself the following: Am I selling something that people will benefit from? Put yourself in your potential audience’s shoes and think, will you buy your own product if you had been the spectator? If no, it’s not only pointless, it’s also a waste of time, money and energy. Just think about it, piping hot coffee doesn’t really sell in places where there is lots of sun, and ice cream doesn’t always sell in places where it snows.  Make sure that your product is something that people will want to buy if they learn about it.  It doesn’t need to be a complicated product; it can be as simple as a kitchen utensil or a cleaning agent. Just be sure that it is something that will be worth your customer’s money. Who am I selling this product to? Narrowing down your target audiences will save you a lot of peace of mind and will keep you sane for a longer time. Targeting the general public as your main audience is madness. So choose – are you targeting teens? Housewives? Children? Senior citizens? Having a specific target audience will also help you more when it comes to improving your product. You may even eventually be able to think of another product that you may want to try and sell to them.  Remember, people will not buy something just because they  “feel like it”. They want to be able to make the most of what they paid for. Am I using modern technology and communication to its full potential? We now live in a world where computers do almost everything and phones are not the only things that people now use to stay in touch with each other. Though it may not look like it, social media sites actually hold much power in helping you succeed with your online marketing. Millions of people have their own profiles on Facebook alone and that is already one way of getting word out to them. If you make a fan page for your product and first inform your acquaintances about it, those people can refer that to their other friends and those friends can do the same. You might have a bigger audience sooner than you expected. Online marketing is one of the best tools that almost every enterprise uses these days because it effectively helps in getting the word out and it can help you find people that may be looking for the exact same services you offer. Online marketing does not need to be so complicated. Sometimes it is better to stay simple and target a small audience instead of targeting a really big audience. At least when your product doesn’t end up being successful, you will not have lost so much money and wasted so much effort.

AUTHOR BIO: Kimberly Darvin is a Media Arts graduate from Southville International School in the Philippines with a passion for literature and photography. She currently works at home as a content writer for OnlineJobSite.ph and Outsourcing Exposed (www.outsourcingexposed.com).



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