A Writer’s Identity: The Unique Voice

a writer's identityWriters are as good as their individual identities. No writer can be successful in trying to imitate or reproduce the linguistic style or method of another writer. The same can be said of web content writers, though many prefer to follow writers who are more successful on the Internet. Whether you are a web writer or blogger, unless you create a unique voice for yourself, you cannot expect to be heard. There are numerous writers going through the motions every single day. They are writing standard copies for online readers. Then, how will your work stand out? The answer is that you have to create and develop your brand of writing.

How do you do that? Firstly, separate the two selves in your creative being: the writer and the editor. You will not be able to get into the groove as a smart-thinking web content writer if you are too concerned about the end result. Web writers have to think of many different aspects of writing. For example, you might get bogged down by the pressure to insert keywords. Or, you might worry too much about making room for anchor text links to be placed on your phrases. Once you allow these secondary matters to dictate your writing, you will feel stifled. Instead, get into the flow and write the way you want to. Once you are done with the writing part, it’s time to put on your editor’s hat.

Web readers are repelled by writing that smells of sermons or lectures. You will quickly lose the interest of your reader if you get too preachy. Try to develop a conversational style. Be natural in selecting words and phrases. Write as you would talk to a friend. Of course, the tone of your writing has to be in sync with the project you are working on and the topic you have chosen. You cannot afford to sound flippant in writing about serious issues. However, do not drop the easy tone of speaking with a fellow human being. That is your best guide to carving out a separate identity for yourself as a writer.

Since teenage, we are taught to write and frame sentences in a particular manner. You have to unlearn all of that as a web content writer! The Internet writing rules are flexible and varied. Your topic and subject dictates the construction of sentences and matters of syntax. Being too particular about conventions will work against your writing ability. A wiser idea would be to write as you know the language. Be clear in your mind and the words will tumble out spontaneously. That is why writers who are transparent in their thoughts are able to achieve that same kind of clarity in their written words as well. Finally, you have to feel comfortable about the subject you are writing about. If you feel unsure, put in extra amount of research. Your unique voice as a writer will remain choked as long as the information you are looking to share is not processed well in your own mind.



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