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Debajyoti Banerjee, Founder and CEO, Seven Boats Info-System Pvt. Ltd. Debajyoti Banerjee is a veteran web strategist and founder of Seven Boats, a full service online marketing company from Kolkata, India. Debajyoti helps other businesses to transform their online presence, to attract new leads and to convert their prospects by his expert web consultancy. In his own words, ” You don’t have to be a big brand to leverage digital media. Every click, every search, every tweet is an opportunity to engage them and to turn clicks into customers. Your clients are ready to buy. The question is – are you ready to be found? Online marketing can help take your business to the next level and I have founded Seven Boats to fully get involved to help your business grows, more as a true partner in your success.”

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A message from the CEO and Founder of Seven Boats Info-System

While working in the internet marketing business for some years, I noted humongous gaps in what was promised to the client and what was delivered. Also, SEO pricing was not transparent & there was lack of customer awareness program for any web marketing campaign. That was a huge pain for the clients not to be aware of the important facts about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet Marketing before starting off their online marketing campaign and to shell out their hard-earned money! This difference, mismatch of expectation, emerging changes in search marketing and the commitment to fill up this ever-widening gap is the reason why 7Boats came into being. I have observed at close quarters what clients and customers are looking for. Similarly, I have also noticed with apprehension how internet marketing, instead of being a tool for better sales and branding, became a cause for concern because of faulty strategizing and wrong digital marketing campaigns.

Getting together a team of professional and experienced personnel, I started the journey of exploring the vast arena of the internet marketing and bringing customized digital web marketing solutions to clients – alternative strategies, straight-forward & unique web consulting services focusing into their long term benefit, affordable pricing & a better Return. As an internet marketing company in India, 7Boats is not restricted to the known parameters of the domain. In fact, we take a lot of pride in taking the road not usually taken by SEO companies. With in-house office set-up in Saltlake, Kolkata, India, our SEO marketing teams’ combined knowledgebase and online marketing experience, coupled with our in house web marketing and SEO tools, techniques and team dedication, can boost your website, and your online marketing strategies to a higher level.

Our mission statement is simple. “Seven Boats is an internet marketing agency in Kolkata, India, whose purpose is to help other companies improve their online presence in search and social media in order to acquire new customers and build their brand online. We strive to deliver our digital marketing services in a friendly, yet effective manner, delivering our customers desired value for money. We always strive for excellence in whatever we do.”

We have various unique web promotion packages for all type of budgets. We have designated departments to handle the various aspects of a web marketing company. Here’s a quick look at those segments:

SEO Analysis: The basis of any internet marketing strategy or planning is the research and analysis. We do not jump into the water without a plan. Our SEO experts draw up a feasible strategy that suits your budget and needs. That requires SEO analysis of your requirements, the trends in your domain of work and most importantly, your competitors. After the SEO analysis, we start our Search Engine Optimization work.

SEO Content: For us, content forms the backbone of our digital marketing initiatives. We believe that if the content is not good enough for users and visitors, no SEO campaign can gain something out of it. That is why we have got trained creative & SEO content writers who understand the nuances of the internet medium and come up with creative content writing copies that represent your brand in the best light.

Web Designing: Websites are your online identity. 7Boats has innovative and creative web designers and web developers. It is through their hard work and trend-setting creatives that we are able to build up successful digital marketing campaigns. Our programmers, integral as they are to the team, ensure that visitors to our website enjoy their stay. We offer very affordable & quality web designing, graphic design & infographic designing services.

Link Building: The internet is all about building up links and chains. We have link builders who are trained to get quality links for your website. No obstacle is too much for them in getting your website backlinks that make your brand popular across the medium. Our quality link building services help your website grab the top slots in major search engine results gradually.

Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is one platform that most web marketing companies make use of, but in the wrong way! We do not exploit the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. We use the social media marketing tools at our command to make your brand a buzzword on networking circles. We do not spam or resort to random friend or follower additions. We do it in organic, the natural way.

Customer Service: Customers make us what we are! You can get in touch with our customer care department to resolve any issues that might crop up during your stay with us. I am here to listen to you.

7Boats has achieved considerable success as a strategic web marketing company in India in the online marketing segment in a short time. We have won the “Indian Leadership Award For Industrial Development” from IEDRA & AIAF in 2012. However, the reward that we most look forward to is the words of appreciation and recommendation that we get from our clients. If you are looking for authentic internet marketing services, top-notch web marketing planning and execution within your budget and a team of innovative but professional team members, you have come to the right place! If you would like to speak with us to see if we are a good fit with you, please contact us. I would love to add another happy client to our testimonials page.

Thank You,

CEO speaks


TrustFounder & CEO Debajyoti Banerjee is a member of SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization)

Debajyoti Banerjee received “Indian Leadership Award for Industrial Development” 2012 by IEDRA & AIAF

Debajyoti Banerjee is the author of “SEO in a Nutshell” (

Debajyoti Banerjee is the course instructor at Udemy (

Seven Boats has been featured on Yourstory

Debajyoti Banerjee is featured on National Entrepreneurship Network

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Learning the ropes of SEO is not difficult if you have access to credible and accurate information. That is what you get from the book “SEO in a Nutshell”. This ebook does not mislead you through gimmicks or shortcuts to success in search engine marketing. Learn the inside working of search engines, how some web pages rank higher up the results and what to do to capture the top slots in search engine results in this book. This book will help you understand the process of SEO and the role of various elements in it, like content, website designing, link building and social media marketing. Written in an easy-to-understand style, amateurs and beginners can get useful tips and suggestions that will form the bedrock of their innings in SEO.

SEO in a Nutshell

Founder and CEO Debajyoti Banerjee speaks – is an unconventionally structured but very effective digital marketing company in India. Seven Boats has the core expertise in Strategic Internet Marketing Consultancy. provides effective Internet marketing strategies to other businesses to help them grow. That consists of SEO services, search engine marketing, SEO content writing services, WordPress tweaking, web design/development and the best part is the expert web consulting services by provides unique and cost effective web consulting solutions to other businesses. It’s similar to origami. From a plain simple paper helps you to make a simple nice boat and makes sure that it sails well. Similar to that plain paper, there are various open source software, applications and cost effective market resources available in front of our eyes and Seven Boats Info-system helps your business grow by putting together all those resources and by making a solid, robust Internet marketing solution, which is affordable and simple.

It’s more than SEO. It’s not only 5-10 keywords ranking top in search engine. Only top ranking keywords can’t bring business growth. In-fact our job starts at that point. We focus on overall business growth and conversion optimization. Unlike other companies and SEO freelancer, we put stress on ROI and gradual improvement of your sales revenue. We create your business website, you get it found on web and we then make sure people come to your website, like it, stay more time on site and click on a call to action button.

We help businesses with our techno-marketing strategies and web consultancy in each stage. Our clients can easily measure the progress from analytics in terms of targeted traffic, low bounce rate, increased conversion and increased sales revenue. We don’t make false promises and deliver only what we feel we can deliver.

Nobody can guarantee number 1 rank on google search or on any other search engines, even Google says it too, you need to build your business website with right content, right structure, right planning and obviously for your users, not only for search engines and we help you to build not only just a website, rather a complete effective web business. You would see gradual incremental improvement and many great insights about your business over time by availing our Internet marketing services. Thank you all for watching this video. For any question, you can drop us an email to or visit

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