Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

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Corporate Social ResponsibilitiesThough we are a corporate group that takes great pride in our success, we do not believe that a better bottom line is the end of our goal. 7Boats strives to go beyond the accepted margins of success and that is why we are not totally satisfied with our annual turnover. As a corporate group, 7Boats has a social responsibility to live up to as well. We feel that it is only right that we give back something to society. We also feel that if each organization feels the same way, we can make a big difference with our little endeavors.

Keeping this faith in heart, 7Boats has a philanthropic side to our corporate persona. We are working with a few NGOs to help the society in whatever way we can. These NGOs are committed to uplift the underprivileged. One of these NGOs is Care and Concern. This is a foundation that helps children living in slums and other areas where they do not have access to proper education and health care. Care and Concern ensures that these children are taken care of and provided with the necessary facilities.

It has to be admitted here that 7Boats is still in the nascent stages of growth. We are not on full throttle yet. That curbs our philanthropic instincts to a large degree. However, these constraints do not take away or dent our pledge to continue serving the society that we belong to. We are dedicated in our resolve to extend our help to the NGOs and local groups as per our limitations. After all, it is the intent, more than the figure on the cheque, that makes a larger impact. Our social responsibility is very much a part of our corporate ethics and we will do all it takes to keep this pledge alive.

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