Adding LinkedIn to your Business Website

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LinkedIn is essentially a social channel for professionals. Businesses can use this social channel to make new and targeted business contacts. In addition, it serves as a large-scale recruitment platform. In fact, LinkedIn is becoming a leading social networking site for job recruiting, according to a research conducted by online software and services company Bullhorn. The inbound marketing company HubSpot too conducted a study claiming that LinkedIn is 277% more effective in generating leads, compared to Twitter and Facebook.

These studies prove that integrating LinkedIn to your business website helps to enhance your success. Simply use the following plugins of LinkedIn and see how it makes the difference.

Company profile plug-in is essential: The company profile plug-in is your virtual business card for your company. It should feature the logo of your company, a brief summary, the number of your employees who are on LinkedIn, and a follow button. The follow button is most essential, as it allow the visitors to follow your company on this social networking site. Place the company profile plug-in on your website’s homepage as well as on your careers, about, and contact pages. You are using the largest version of this plug-in, feature it lower on the page. Similarly, you can add the smaller versions of this plug-in wherever you want.

Place the share button: As marketers, we all are aware of the importance of social share buttons. Just place the LinkedIn share button next to your articles, technical product guides, white papers, and other pages including professional content on your site. And don’t forget to place this button throughout your blog. This will help you to increase your exposure on LinkedIn, as your visitors click the button to share the content on this professional social networking channel. The audience of this social network is business-centric, which means providing a quality content specific to your industry will encourage your readers to use this button more sparingly than the other social sharing buttons. To improve your chances to get more exposure on LinkedIn, install the share button on your company’s blog. Also, provide some insightful content related to your specific industry.

Don’t forget the recommend button: Recommendation is one of the unique features of LinkedIn. And we all know the value of recommendation in the world of online marketing. To leverage upon this feature, place the recommend button in the product and services sections of your company’s LinkedIn profile allowing visitors to recommend the products or services of your company on this social network.  The best way to leverage upon this plug-in is to use it to feature your highly recommended products, generating even more recommendations via LinkedIn.

How members are capitalizing on LinkedIn – Infographic

Source – PowerFormula

How to harness the power of LinkedIn - Infographic

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