Android Technology

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What it is. How it works and the latest on what this cutting edge technology is doing.

what is androidBy now I’m sure you have heard the word android or you are one of the people who have helped android reach its recent 25 billionth Google play downloads and yes I said billion with a “B”. Whether, it is in comparison to another big name smartphone and tablet on the market that is named after a very popular red fruit. I take it you have heard of android. Android technology is innovative and far surpasses anything that is on the market right now when referring to an operating system that can be used for both smart phones, tablets.

What is android technology?

Android technology is an open source operating system that is Linux based, and runs on smartphones and tablets devices which were developed by Google. Like the operating system on your home PC or laptop, but has a lot more innovative capabilities that will truly surprise you. There are 4 major versions of android that is used right now. Gingerbread (2.0), honeycomb (3.0 for tablets), Ice cream sandwich (4.0) and Jelly bean (4.1).

How it works?

Android technology is open source operating system suitable for anything that has a screen display. The software can be added to electronic equipment other than smart phones and tablets. It also gives the opportunity for any programmer to tweak the operating system or create unique applications also known as apps. These applications bring the operating system to life. You can do many things with apps on the android platform from deciding where you want to eat to checking your stock portfolio to managing daily tasks.

What is the latest in android technology?

The latest operating system for android is jelly bean. Android came up a concept “project butter”. This project created a smoother user interface with less lag as you maneuver through the operating system. A great and exciting concept is the facial recognition setting that comes with the jelly bean operating system. This facial recognition is very accurate. For example, if you take your recognition picture with a hat on and then you try to use the facial recognition without a hat it will not recognize you denying access to the home page. The notifications bar has also seen some improvements. It is expandable and gives more upfront detail so you no longer have to click the notifications to see what’s in the notifications section. This can be convenient if you are busy on your device and do not want to be bothered clicking the notifications. Widgets and Icons have seen a slight change as well. For example, if there isn’t enough room for that widget it automatically rearranges your icons so widgets can fit perfectly. These are only some of the change that android has done.

So as you see can there is no question that android is on the cutting edge of technology and has an environment that promotes innovation and new ideas. So I can only imagine what is to come in the future for android and its unique technology.

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