Built-in Website Template vs. Custom Web Design Services

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Custom Web Design ServicesYou started with products, now you have a business and the next thing is finding a market on the internet. There is only one way to that market – building a website. Should you go with tailored designs or readymade ones?

For many businessmen, the challenge comes when they are looking to hire a professional for simple website design to start off their business. The designer will lay out the range of options you have, and probably there will be the option of free templates website design and custom web design. Well, if you don’t know which one to choose, a little comparing between the two can help. This article looks at the two options to determine which one is the best and for what situation.

Ready Made vs. Tailored Designs

Think of those outfits you buy from the shop and those that you go to the tailor and ask for them to be made specifically for you. Free templates website design will make use of something that already exists. Your designer, or even yourself with the knowledge of setting up a website will source for readymade template and put a website up and running in a very short period of time. You do not need to make changes to the template you get. Instead, the template will be used the way it is. The advantage of this is that it is quick to start and within no time, your website will be up and running. It has its own drawbacks though as you will learn shortly.

On the other hand, custom web design or tailored designs can be customized in such a way that all the requirements of your website can be met. In essence, custom web design will include the design of your website from scratch, with every small plan incorporated into the design the way you want it to be. That means that it will take a lot of time for everything to be put down in the design and represented the exact way you want it to be.

Cost Factor

Considering the amount of work to be done in order to accomplish custom website design, you should expect a quote that is higher than that of free templates. Actually, the free templates are just free and may not cost you anything at all, except for when you want simple website design to make a few changes here and there on the template you have chosen. For people looking to save, then free templates would be a good choice.


There is a huge difference between built in website templates and tailored ones – the factor of scalability for the future plans. Free templates come with their own limitations in the sense that you might not be able to plan for future changes such as expansion.

On the other hand, custom web design will give you the advantage of planning for every single element that will help with scaling the website for the future. For instance, it becomes easy to develop your website with room for expanding it when there is need, unlike when a website is built from free templates.


Websites are built with function in mind. Corporate website development is an example. It aims at creating website for specific functionality, which obviously cannot be met when you choose to use free website templates. As a matter of fact, built-in website templates may not be sufficient for corporate website development because there are quite many unique elements that need to be integrated into the design to capture a corporate feel.

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