Creating Content to Get Traffic

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content creationContent serves a lot of purposes for an online marketer. It drives traffic to a site, helps to create a viral in the digital sphere, market product or service on the social networking sites, and last but not least, helps to earn the writer name and reorganization amongst the digital marketers. Millions of articles, blog posts, press releases and whitepapers are put up on websites on a regular basis. Unfortunately, most of them go unnoticed unless they can successfully gain the attention of a wide audience.

Thus, the first tip to get traffic through your site content is to create something that can attract the attention of the people, so that they invest time to read it. Better yet, make it interesting enough to encourage people to share it on social networks. This is one of the most pertinent moves for achieving juice passing links. The following are some more tips that will help you to create content to get more number of traffic as well as shares.

Create controversy. Yes controversies provoke discussion, which in turn, help in making your content going viral all around the Internet. You must have seen your friends and followers sharing the same articles on Facebook or Twitter; the fact is, these articles were successful in provoking a discussion. And the best way to do it is by causing controversy. However, go easy with the topic and your flow of writing. Of course you have every right to pen down your opinion, but just don’t try to create a controversy for the sake of creating it. Your write-up will show the forced effort.

Share news (read top news). When big story breaks on regarding any company or organization, Google is more than likely to show you the news articles in its search result when you type the name of the company or organization in the search query. And in most cases, these news articles get higher ranking than the company/ organization’s websites. Take your cue and start sharing news about your specific industry with your readers. Better yet, create a blog and start writing articles related to the news of the day. As more number of people is looking for such information, it will bring you both traffic and bring up your name in the search result.

Bring comic relief. Take examples of websites like The Oatmeal or other humorous and jokes pages on the social networks. They are all over the Internet. People love gags, memes and are consistently seeking for entertainment. If you have noticed, you will find that most of the highly circulated content deals with media-rich comedic pieces. In fact, in the past year alone the memes have become so popular in the social networking sites, especially Facebook. The same applies for entertaining infographics. These are some serious tools for gaining more number of traffic.