Determine the Best Internet Connection for your Home

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ISPObtaining a reliable broadband internet connection for your home is essential for you to enjoy online activities such as media streaming, social networking and online games. If you are currently on a dial up connection or you don’t have an internet connection at all, it can be difficult to determine which internet connection is best for your home. Our guide will help teach you the difference between the top 3 types of broadband internet connections that may be available in your area.

DSL Internet
DSL is short for Digital Subscriber Line and this service is typically offered by your telephone company because the service is delivered through your home’s land line. What if you don’t have a land line service? Will you be able to get DSL internet in your home? It is possible for you to get DSL service through your phone line without an active land line subscription. ISP industry professionals refer to this connection as Naked DSL. Check with your local provider to see if they provide Naked DSL.It is important to note that DSL internet connections use a DSL modem instead of a traditional land line modem found in older computers. DSL internet connections can be up to 100 times faster than a traditional dial-up internet connection.

Cable Internet
One of the most popular options for a broadband internet connection is the cable modem. Obviously, cable modem services are provided by your local cable provider. Cable modems are typically faster than DSL connections thus allowing you to stream robust content such as your favorite television shows, games or movies. When you have your cable modem setup, a technician typically comes to your home and sets up the connection and ensures that it works properly. You may even be given a wireless router for you to connect via WiFi to your cable modem connection. Check with your provider to see if it costs extra to lease a WiFi cable modem router for your home.

While cable internet may be the most popular option in America, it typically isn’t available to those who live in rural areas. Since many people who live in rural areas aren’t able to get broadband cable internet, they often resort to dial up internet connections or they choose not to have internet in their homes.

Satellite Internet
Getting your internet via a satellite connection is probably the least popular broadband option. The service can be more costly than DSL and Cable internet solutions. However, for those that live in extreme rural areas, satellite internet may be the only broadband internet option available. With satellite internet, you typically setup a dish that plugs into a modem and you can subsequently hook up your computer or network of computers to share this internet connection.

Satellite internet is good those who may live in an RV, spend time in remote areas or it might even be a good solution for someone who needs an internet connection on their boat. The practicality of satellite internet may justify the cost if you have a real use for it. If you live or stay in an area that doesn’t have easy access to the internet, getting a satellite internet connection may be your best option.

Now that you know about the best types of internet connections for you home, you can make an educated decision as to which solution is best for you.

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