Generating Lead from Landing Page

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Landing pages help you to make a good first impression, and you have only one chance to do it. In fact, landing pages have the potential to get you a lead or sale. And generating leads are a must for growing your business. Thus, constructing and optimizing a landing page is essential for achieving quality leads. Remember your first impression is the last impression, when it comes to generating leads through landing pages. Thus, make sure you have an effective punch line that can motivate the visitors’ purchasing decision. Also, double-check your web design and check for page errors, especially the 404 errors. Broken link is something your landing page cannot afford at any cost.

Likewise, check the loading time of your landing page, the images (if any) must not take too much time to load. In addition, your content should be optimized properly. Place the images and call to action buttons strategically to retain your customer’s attention. Your focus should be on creating an urge for them to buy your products/ services. Optimize the punch line carefully as well as focus on the color scheme and design of the page. Overall, your landing page should be user-friendly. Never try to yell at your visitors, forcing them to buy your products. Too much of bold letters and larger font-size won’t help you to generate leads, rather it will annoy the visitors and they are likely to leave the page without exploring your page/ website further.

Another way to generate leads through landing pages is by optimizing data gathering forms. Having information about your visitors will also help you in future lead generations. For example, if you know what other (of course related) kind of products and services interest the visitor, you can contact them in future with such services and make direct sales. However, don’t bother your visitors with loads of extraneous questions; rather, try to get most relevant data while allowing them to switch fields with tab. Also, providing auto fill facility will help visitors to give information with ease. Another important factor you need to consider while optimizing data gathering forms is its position. Make sure you place it at a prominent position. Pop-up forms can be a good idea to catch visitors’ attention; however, they can be annoying at times.

In conclusion, keep your landing page concise. Focus on the call to action buttons to grab the attention of the visitors. Limit on the quantity of content and optimize the page according to the folds. All your important points should be placed above the fold. However, don’t neglect below the fold altogether. You never know, placing a call to action button there as well may do the magic for you.

12 Elements every Landing page should have – Infographic

Source: Hubspot

12 landing page elements infographics