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get rid of boring blog contentBlogs are in hype; especially after the launch of Google Panda updates, marketers are using blogs to provide the free flow of fresh and unique content on a regular basis. In fact, blog content marketing has been an optimal strategy for many websites for building their long-term success. Rather than enhancing results from third-party sources, content marketing through blogs relies on what you are creating. Thus, the quality of your blog content should be impeccable, as only interesting and succinct can help you to grab the attention of the readers. Moreover, such content is more likely to get shared by readers and can be used as a sales pitch. In our earlier posts, we have discussed about content writing tips for beginners and writing for the webs for beginners.

But the question here is why to create a blog in the very first place? Is it only to add fresh content? Or is there any other reason behind this strategy?

Of course, fresh content is an important aspect of blog content but there is another factor as well motivating website owners to add blogs. It is the social mentions. All blogs come with the social share features, using which readers can share the content on major social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Dig, Delicious, and StumbleUpon. Every site owner assumes that their readers will mention their blog post on the social sharing sites, popularizing their content (read website). And this indeed is the normal custom, provided the content is intriguing enough to impress them. So the key here is to create interesting and intriguing content for your blogs. This, unfortunately, is easier said than done.

The theoretical implementation may sound too simple – create interesting content, put your keywords strategically, add social sharing buttons, and let the readers share them with the world. It is the practical implementation, however, that you need to think over. Why would the readers share them in the very beginning, unless you give them something that’s worth their time and effort? Or, let’s put it this way – why would you share someone’s content? How to generate content ideas that your audience will love?

For me, I will only share content if it answers my queries, add value to it and ensures me that my online contacts out there would like to read it as well and will find it helpful. Honestly, the word “LIKE” has more significance than you think it has. The world of social media, especially Facebook, has a lot to do with the word “Like”; yes, I am talking about the like button. When I am liking or sharing a link, it means I am actually recommending others to read it. Thus, it involves my reputation as well. Would you recommend something to your friends if you were not sure it is worth their time? It’s more likely you won’t as it may jeopardize your online reputation.

Thus, it is essential to understand what interests your readers while creating content for your blog, and of course, make it a little intriguing to grab their attention. And if you are reading this line (which signifies you too found this post interesting enough) don’t forget to hit the share buttons. Thanks in advance.