Handy Tips for Creating an Awesome Twitter Profile

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twitter profileHaving a great Twitter profile can help you gain credibility with your niche, make you more money and define you as a leader with your brand in the Internet marketing business. Many people on Twitter do not know how to make a good first impression with their profile. People look to follow others who add some type of value to their business, friendship or community. When good people follow them, they look good too! Below are some great ways you can spice up your twitter profile so that you are admired and respected by your old followers as well as the new ones you gain.

You want to have a fantastic profile photo that shows your face and a smile. This will give people the chance to remember you well. Do not use pictures of your children, because that is not you. Use an updated photo of yourself so that people can see you as you are today. People want to know who they are talking with, and if you really want to build a brand, do it with your face!

Use your real name for your name on your Twitter page. If it is not available, use your real name in your profile. People feel more comfortable doing business with real people. There is a lot of skepticism about businesses and companies today. People want to identify with the real you and know what you are all about. If you own a business, that is part of you, but there is always more to your story. You do not want to brand your company as an “XYZ company”; you want it branded with your real name.

Use a background on your Twitter page that defines your style. Maybe you are country chic, artsy or urban. Make your background congruent with your website and blogs, but make it something about you! This is how you look professional and how you brand yourself as being a leader. Get rid of the default background and use something exciting!

With the 160 characters you have to share information about yourself, hit some points that you feel passionate about. People want to know what you are interested in, what you do for work and what makes you special. If you are trying to get people to find you, put in some good keywords there to draw them in. Being successful on Twitter is not must about how many followers you have, but having a great niche of targeted followers who read your tweets.

One of the most interesting aspects of Twitter is that it connects people from all over the world. Share your location on Twitter so people know where you are. People like to learn about you and connect with people in their area. It is interesting to find things in common with those who live close by, and it might open doors to new friendships and business relationships.

Take advantage of the Twitter list function. People love lists, and you can have a list of people you have met that some of your friends might enjoy meeting as well. If you have some followers who are interested in fitness or dieting, make a list for fitness and dieting. This is a good way to let followers meet some of your friends and build your list.

Be consistent on Twitter. Do not be there one day and not for another week. People will forget about you if you are not tweeting, and they may even un-follow you. No one takes you seriously if you are around for a couple of days and then gone for weeks or even months. If you take a vacation or if you are going away for a while, there are ways you can schedule tweets so that your followers know where you are and what is going on.

Having a great Twitter profile and a tweet strategy on a consistent basis will help you become a leader and stay a leader. Set yourself apart from others and stand out on Twitter.

I hope it is something that interests you, as I know there is a good amount of search for being able to create an awesome Twitter page!


Author Bio:  Matt Revell works for Broadland Digital and a Norwich based company with an aim for perfection.