How To Think Up Engaging Blog Post Ideas for Any Industry

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new blog post ideasOne of the biggest fears most businesses have of blogging (besides finding the time to do it) is coming up with relevant topics to blog about. Most businesses finally see the importance of blogging (for your brand, your online visibility, your SEO, etc.) – now we just need to help them figure out what to blog about.

When faced with a skittish client in need of blogging advice, here are some tips on how to get them thinking outside the box for ideas.


Help Them Develop Objectives

Get them talking about what they hope to achieve with the blog, what they want to come from it, who they foresee their main audience being, etc. Make sure they have a plan for who from the office will be blogging and monitoring comments.

It also never hurts to sync social media accounts to blogs to easily share each new post. This “Sensible Blogging Checklist” from The Whole Brain Group is a useful visual to show to get the clients thinking about the questions above.

The Usual Suspects

First, get the usual business ideas out of the way – be sure to tell them to blog about:

Company news/press releases
Product information/insider info
New hires/promotions/employee achievements
Customer interviews/spotlights
Relevant local events
Conferences/shows they attend

Easy Pickings

Next, tell them about “easy” posts – the kind of posts that require a little research, but not too much brain power since they’re more opinion/editorial:

Reviews – they can weigh the pros and cons of a tool or technology they use in their field.

Resources – research and develop a post filled with resources on a particular topic related to their business.

Critiques – Find another post on a relevant topic and analyze or critic why you may or may not agree with it.

Digging a Little Deeper Into Business Blogging

Once you have the easy and obvious out of the way, it’s time to dig a little deeper into blog ideas.

Tell them to:

Talk to their sales and customer service team to get insight into the types of questions, concerns, or hot buttons prospects and customers have and then blog about them.
Research industry-related blogs and keep them as a sort of “swipe file” to use for inspiration.
Not be afraid of getting a little personal by talking about fun office events, personal stories (preferably that can tie back to the business), and generic customer issues /complaints they’ve run into and addressed.

When In Doubt, Turn to Technology

One of the best things about blogging for your business is how it can help your SEO and search engine visibility. So it’s definitely important to have some blog posts dedicated to specific keyword topics that the business is trying to rank for.

By no means should a post be written just to have keyword content – but rather, a post can be adjusted in order to hit on specific keyword topics for which the business wishes to rank. In this case, you can often come up with useful, keyword-centric topics for your blog by using a couple tools freely available online.

Our favorites are: – this tool shows you a ton of long tail keyword phrases based on the main phrase you type in. It’s based from Google Suggest and other tools, which tells you what other long tail terms people search for and specifically some of the terms that pop up in the Google dropdown when someone does a search on

Wordtracker’s Keyword Questions – This tool identifies questions people type into the search engines related to a specific keyword. Writing a post that specifically answers a question people ask online is an awesome way to aid SEO and engage relevant visitors to your site.

What More Do They Need to Start Blogging?

At this point, you’ve given them a ton of ammunition to start blogging for their business. They now have no excuse NOT to inject their website with new, engaging content on a regular basis.


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