How you can Stay Away from SEO Sins and impress Google Panda

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SEO Sins to avoid after Google PandaSo, it’s the Panda again, no we are not talking about getting caught by the new crawler; we are here to talk about how you can stay away from SEO sins. February 2011 saw a big change in the algorithms. The standards have changed with the arrival of the Panda. It is has been found out that the role of organic traffic has increased by a whopping 49%. Yes you have heard it right!

Surprisingly Panda has showed inorganic SEO practices the way to the bin. Poor contents, links and sites are thrown away. This has led Birmingham SEO professionals to take the right step. Now is the time when we find superior contents and excellent blog posts rolling across the web. Original contents are what we find floating on the internet. Ill-formatted sites and contents are a big no-no on the web; though there are still some who believe in unauthorized practices.

Panda ascertains quality of content or a site from the perspective of a human. Being a professional in Birmingham SEO you must see to it that your page abides by the algorithm set by the Panda. The fall will be observed soon after the crawlers find that your page is not up to the mark.

The sins you should avoid

You must see to it that the codes you have designed for your page should not match with a similar on the web. Instantly you will be denounced as duplicate. It has been found that if 95% of the codes tend to match with another site then Panda is there to hit you.

Empty Pages should be eliminated at once. Experts have found that some pages exist to link you to another page. They are completely empty and don’t land you anywhere on the web. All you need to do is add relevant and quality pages over the internet to avoid Panda penalties.

It is not necessary that you optimize your adsense over the internet. Chunks of ad floating across a web are considered spam by Google updates. Sticking relevant and consistent messages to your page ends your frustration.

Fixing such problems seems way too hard than avoiding the issue. So, it is time you eliminate such mistakes from beforehand. The Panda is making way for quality traffic so that you earn leads. The technology is widely in use and the entire web is accepting it as a major way to rule. It is better if you refrain yourself from the possible sins mentioned above and accept the upgraded algorithms instead. You will find striking results in return with increased page view, reduced bounce rate and superior traffic to your page. Well, that how the professional in SEO Birmingham is benefitted.

Author’s bio- The author miss Liza Watson here focuses on the distinct SEO services. If you are a blogger you can avail  SEO services to take your write-ups to the topmost ranking.