Improve Your Business Using Android Spy Technology

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Android SpyCell phones have become an essential part of our professional and personal lives. With several versatile mobile software’s coming up in the market, cell phones are doing much more than just enabling communication. Smart technologies like the Android Spy enable a person to track the movements and activities of another person, without his knowledge. Its ability to monitor successfully is making the use of Android spy software popular at several work places or businesses.

This Mobilespy application assists businesses in their growth, adding up to a high boost of discipline among the employees. Using such tools, businesses are able to monitor quite a few actions of the employees and check the misuse of office provisions and timings for private benefits. This could lead to profit for the business in the long run, as resources are saved and efficiency is leveled up.

Supervising and Keeping Track of External Employees

Most of the businesses have a section of their staff working externally. These men are often moving around the entire day with specific duties to be performed.  The Mobile Spy helps the manager in monitoring the actions of these employees.  Generally, sales persons, service employees, delivery personals and those out on-field works have a bad reputation of taking advantage of the nature of their work and utilize the work time for personal reasons and simply laze. It becomes difficult for business to find out which of the employees are actually taking advantage of the situations and how they could be checked.

The installation of spy apps in the company mobile provided to these employees will be a great advantage for the business.

  • This spy feature makes it possible for companies to locate their external staff and check all their movements.
  •  The tracking facility of Android spy using GPS will give the exact location of the employee and a manager could easily trace, where each person is positioned.
  • Locating would allow the manager to redirect the employee to attend a more important work or sales deal or any emergency call.
  • The Android feature of locating history will enable companies to check the previous location of the employees. This gives a clear picture, where the employee was at a given time.

Check Personal Use of Mobiles

Employees generally have a huge tendency of using the company provided smart phones for personal use. This is a common misconduct and if not checked, could lead to noticeable lose to the business, as employees will be preoccupied at a time they are supposed to work professionally.

  • With a Mobile Spy in the Android phone, business will have an absolute picture of the time each employee is spending in communicating via the mobile, on a personal basis.
  • Talking, texting, emails, IM’s, videos and pictures being used by the employee can be observed.
  • Many employees’ waste hours on the internet using social networking sites from their smart phones, and this could be stopped.
  • It is a proven fact that installing the Android spy on the cell phones of all employees shows rapid improvement in efficiency and increases productivity by almost 10%.
  • This automatically decreases the use of the cell phone for personal use, by almost 70-80%
  • It leads to noticeable increase in business and more capable staff.

Having a Mobile Spy Friendly Policy:

For a well-organized work atmosphere, it is necessary that you have a company policy, which supports Android spy software. This way, all the employees will know that their actions are being monitored, thus making them more responsive.

  • The complete monitoring of the employees will give the business a clear picture of those people, who are wasting their time and company resources.
  • The open use of this facility on cell phones will make the employees responsible.
  • Including the spy software in the company policies will make the monitoring actions of the company official, leaving no scope for guilt.
  • As this software is used by companies, it ensures the right working of the employees and improves productivity.

We can say that Mobile Spy software makes the business move on a faster pace with employees, who are additionally aware of their responsibilities. Companies surely are able to decrease personal use of cell phones and wastage of company resources while improving competency and accountability with the use of the Android spy software.

Author: This is a guest post by Cynthia Tolliver who loves writing on Android