Make your Newsletter Readers Curious

Newsletter writingNewsletters are like serial novels that are published in periodicals. Readers receive them at regular intervals. There may or may not a common thread running through these newsletters but the subject is usually in the same zone. Just like a successful novelist writing for periodicals, you have to keep the readers hooked to your writing. Reveal your cards slowly and deliberately. For a newsletter writer, it is important to write in a way that makes the reader curious to read your next issue. The reader must actively anticipate what is coming their way. You have to achieve that kind of interest and involvement to be a successful newsletter writer.

One of the best ways to make the reader curious is to be careful about what you will write about. There is no point in laying down all the information for the reader in the newsletter itself. Your job as a writer is to make the readers click through to the client’s website or web pages. When the reader finds everything in your writing itself, why will he click on any link to visit other pages? At the same time, if you ask a reader blatantly to click on a web link, you’re bound to be snubbed down! Your only weapon as a writer is your use of the language. Get the reader’s attention and stoke his curiosity. Human beings are inquisitive by nature. You need to master the art of provoking the reader enough. Reveal little but incite a lot!

Plan your newsletter issues in advance. Do not work on an issue to issue basis. That does not leave you enough room to make your reader curious. If you know what you’re going to write in the next issue, you will be able to give your readers a sneak peek. Draft the reader in a way that brings the reader to a climax and then reveal the rest of the information in the next installment. You can also use this trick to lead readers to a website or landing page. Chalk out a content plan for your newsletters but do not let it lead your way. Gauge the response of the readers in every delivery. Find out from the technicians where the readers are clicking. You will get a fair idea of how they are receiving your work by the clicks you get. Once you locate a pattern of interest, explore it deeply.

Readers will be curious only if they feel that they have something to gain. Everybody wants more value for their money. Your newsletter must be written from the reader’s perspective. Deal with issues that concern them and address their problems. How you wrap your marketing message in this approach is the touchstone of your caliber as a writer. Always remember the classical marketing mantra of giving what the customers will benefit from. It is not the client’s product or service that interests them; it is how these products or services will make a difference to them that is their concern. Your readers will be curious if you can touch upon their areas of concern.