Measuring Social Metrics and Maximising KPI Tracking

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social metrics and KPIWith the advancement of time, a new thing has been added to SEO or Search Engine Optimisation and that is called social media. In the present day, this has been widely accepted by the marketing professionals as an effective business tool. It, really, does not matter whether you have a sales based business or any other kind of business, the different techniques of SMM or Social Media Marketing brings in prospective results. Creating quality content as well as engaging the target audiences in diverse social media activities, being the two most effective methods, are being adapted and widely used by the different businesses or to be specific, by the different companies. Now, as we all know, any and everything needs to be quality checked. In fact, everything requires a performance check.


At this point of time, the question, which comes to our mind, is how to do so? As for any and every kind of performance check, social media even has got some social metrics that are solely dedicated to measure the performance of it. However, every organisation needs to prepare a plan to utilise those social metrics in such a way that apart from measuring the social media performance, it even helps one maximise the KPI or Key Performance Indicator tracking. Since, a huge amount of attention is received by this media from the web users it attracts lot of interest from the marketing professionals as well. Thus, at times, it actually becomes a bit difficult to measure the performance till the bottom line. However, the expert professionals working on the fields of Search Engine Optimisation as well as Social Media Marketing know how to do so. There are some specific techniques, which need to be applied for the purpose. But, in case the social media activities are not measured in a proper manner, then in place of maximising the KPI tracking. Let us check out how to measure it:


The first and the foremost thing, which one needs to check is which is that social media forum that you want to track the performance of. It is because there are some unique social metrics, which varies from one social media platform to another. There are some common ones as well that even helps one in getting an overall idea about the performance of any kind of social media activity done on that forum. Following are some of the key metrics of the analytics world of social media that most people are interested in:


  • Fan data: Even known as the “Follower data”, this metric assists one to trace the number of people he or she has in their social media network and the way they are growing.
  • Performance of social content: As the name suggests, this metric assists one in measuring the performance of the content, which they are creating on the varied social sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
  • Social communication data: This metric provides the data related to the sharing and re-sharing of the concerned content and how they are interacting with others on the social sites.
  • Traffic data: This is the metric, which measures how many visitors a site is driving in.

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