Online Marketing: SEO and Social Media

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seo and social mediaIn this business world, to earn more money in online marketing you need to implement effective marketing strategies which may attract more customers to the business. Your marketing plan should be integrated with various strategies like search engine optimisation, social media marketing, email marketing, paid surveys, blogging etc. Set your marketing plan accordingly. If done correctly your business can gain huge profits and can ultimately increase its sales rate.

Search engine optimisation is a powerful technique which boosts your website traffic and visibility. Through SEO, you can target potential customers who are interested in your business. Social media is the essential platform for every business. You can reach global audience. Information shared in social network creates a buzz about your products and May increase your credibility. SEO and social media are essential techniques which create brand awareness of your business products or services. Search engine optimisation and social media are interrelated to each other.

Here are the few examples how social media and SEO increase your marketing ability

  • Promoting content on social networks generates natural links: Social network is the best platform which increases your brand awareness. Write a content describing about your products and services. Provide a good content to users which solve their problems. Most online customers will search for their desired products and may end up with unhappy results. Write anSEO friendly content. Make it small and appropriate. Through social network your content can be shared among millions of users simultaneously. Visitors who like your product may get back to you through backlinks. Now it’s your turn to make these visitors into customers.
  • SEO and social media drives targeted traffic to a website: When a user enters a query in search engines like Google and yahoo it may display most accurate results on the top pages of search engines. If you want to display your site on the top pages of search engines implement optimisation techniques. Through this tactic number of visitors may reach your site. More the visitors on site more the traffic. You know that the information shared in social site may attract global visitors. Because customers who are satisfied with your product may advise other visitors. These new visitors will be redirected to your site through backlinks. This enhances your website traffic.
  • Increase your brand awareness: Your site may rank well in SERP if there arenumber of visits. Through this strategy your products or services may reach global audience. Even your Facebook profile, Twitter profile and linkedln profile can rank in search engines. Like your company’s website your social media profiles may also increase your brand awareness.

Social media and search engine optimisation are related to each other. When you integrate these techniques you may create a comprehensive marketing campaign.


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