Online Marketing with LinkedIn

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LinkedinLinkedIn, since its launching in May 2003, has become the largest online portals for professionals where one can connect with people from similar and various other industries. With over 150 million members, LinkedIn’s growth rate is about two members per second.  Besides, there are over two million company pages as well as millions of several other small business pages in this site. These statistics alone are more than enough to prove the potentials of this professional networking site in terms of marketing in the digital sphere.

The following are some tips to jumpstart your online presence with LinkedIn:

Ensure all your employees have profiles on LinkedIn

 Ask all your employees to open an account and remain active on this professional networking site. Better yet, encourage them to create exceptional LinkedIn profiles. Many fear that employees with such profiles will be highlighted as potential targets for competitors and prospective recruiters. This might be true in some cases, having employees with professional profiles on LinkedIn reflects highly upon your business and you as an entrepreneur and thus, improves the credibility of your business.

Share business expertise

 The “Answers” forum of this professional networking site is a great place to share your expertise and knowledge with other people from your or related domain. This forum also serves as a global platform to demonstrate your knowledge in your particular field to potential clients and business owners. One serious tip, please don’t use the “Answers” forum to sell your product or yourself. It will only hamper your reputation. Rather, join the conversations, work as a supportive resource and be honest in your approach.

Join groups

 LinkedIn offers a Groups feature where likeminded people can discuss and posts information on specific topics. Join groups that are related to your industry and start interacting with possible partners, business associates and clients. Besides, many of these groups organize offline events, providing an excellent opportunity to meet with people for face-to-face networking. As a member of the group, you too can participate in such events and increase your business network.

Finally, stay active in the LinkedIn community.

This is the most important factor of your online marketing effort with LinkedIn. Apart from improving your LinkedIn presence, it will also help in finding new business leads and customers. Join groups, participate in the discussions of relevant groups and forum posts, act as a resource, and share your expertise. Follow these tips and your LinkedIn profile will be skyrocketing in no time.