Rising Competition between Apps and Internet Browsing

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mobile applications, mobile browsersAbout ten years ago one or maybe two people in a household of four would know how to use the computer glibly. Not that the statement has anything to do with a much larger illiteracy rate, but more that the computer’s use every day was not very common at all. Today about 95 out of 100 houses have one, two or even three or more personal computers for use on a regular basis. Why? The World Wide Web has made things and jobs much easier now and is still continuing to do so. Internet browsing is among one of the most popular pastimes anywhere around the globe, but very quickly, they have a rival coming their way. Million dollar internet browser companies such as Internet Explorer, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox have gotten minimized—that is made into apps. The largest applications software companies like App Empire founded by Chad Mureta are working continuously to fulfill the demands of all the app fanatics.

Cell phones like the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry are removing the need for the original internet browsers and are creating new app-like browsers such as Safari, Opera Mini, and UC Browser. Those browsers are specially made for cellular devices into application form for utmost ease and convenience to the modern day cell phone users. Just the click or touch on the small app on your screen and you’ve got yourself a format of the website made specifically for your mobile. Apps are becoming extremely popular for the previously mentioned types of smart phones, and getting rid of the need to slowly browse the web on real browsers is becoming very necessary.

As mentioned Safari, Opera Mini, and UC Browser are very popular applications for many mobile phones, but there’s something even better. Mureta’s App Empire along with large companies like Best Apps and T3 Apps are creating even more specific apps to make the internet browsing journey even simpler than before! The idea of getting rid of the use of a mobile internet browser, period. Among the most popular internet apps are Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and many, many others to make using a modern cell phone much easier. Eliminating the need to even type in the website address you want to visit, these apps are literally just one click or tap away. As soon as they have been launched, the user is automatically guided to the page they want to visit, not wasting another extra minute.

Apps like Facebook are so popular and in demand that most of the new major cell phones preinstall the app in the device, giving you no need to download it. Many other social networking, entertainment, and media applications are also making their part into new smart phones. It can be very well predicted that eventually there will come a point where every popular and not so popular website will have its own app, ready to be downloaded by the user. The App Empire provides abundantly to the demand of new apps every single day to a degree that the Apple and Android phone users alone have downloaded apps over 21 billion times! This outstanding demand for apps is easily making app lovers like Chad Mureta instantly wealthy due to the great application software market today.

The rise of apps is not necessarily creating loss for regular internet browsers for companies like Windows and Mac. Yes, the use of mobile phones have increased outstandingly over the past few decades; but computers are still just as important as they were when they were first created. PC users will always need browsers like Internet Explorer and Opera because smaller applications will seem out of place on the computer desktops. The competition between apps and the webbrowsers has definitely started but there are some very good reasons as to why neither will outdo the other. Apps are created for speed on the mobile, but they will never have nearly as much detail and perfection as what you can view on the internet browser on your computer desktop.

The fight is quite balanced between the two rivals and we can all expect there to be a tie for many years to come. App Empire should continue to market the many apps that they are and have been developing since a few years ago, and keep that App Store stocked. But the same goes to Internet Explorer, the leading internet browser company, to keep up the editions of the browser as they should not fear the rivalry of app companies like App Empire. Competition’s neck and neck and is planning to stay that way but the important point is that their rivalry is only pleasing users all over the world equally.  Check out the App Empire bonus.

Author Bio: ElSayed ElAssal is a technology – App Empire lover who works in the internet marketing business with 4 years experience.