SEO Must-Haves for Start-ups

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seoThe SEO effort of a start-up has to be different from that of a website that has already picked up some following. Start-ups need a kick-start to get a steady stream of online visitors. For that to happen, they need to grab the top slots in the search engine results as quickly as they can and on as many keywords as possible. How can they make an instant impression on the online scene? Let’s find out!

Firstly, get your web pages indexed. Index is that storage from which search engine crawlers (algorithms) pull out web pages to publish them as search results for specific searches by online users. Websites of a start-up must make its web pages readily available for search engine indexes. That is the best, and quickest, way to favourable search engine ranks.

Secondly, keep your focus both on generic keywords used in your domain of work, along with specific ‘branded’ keywords that take your company or brand’s name into the frame. That way you will have the best of both worlds. By stressing on generic keywords you can reach out to users already looking for products/services that you are offering. The branded keywords will help you attract traffic of those consumers who know about your products/services and want to buy from you.

Thirdly, keep a close watch on the search volume and the competition on the keywords that you choose. Higher the search volume, the greater benefit that keyword will provide to your website, provided you rank favourably. Competitive keywords, on the other hand, must be discarded in favour of those that are low on competition. That way you can quickly break into higher SERPs without having to grovel your way through.

Fourthly, lay extra emphasis on quality link building. You can do that by offering guest posts to other reputed websites, along with your weblinks. Make room for weblinks on your website as well to accommodate those who give you backlinks. Quality links matter more than quantity. Have one quality link instead of five low-value ones.

Fifthly, do not compromise on quality content. Keep your content updated, lucid and easy to read. Allow readers to share your content on social media networks. Provide them with easy sharing buttons and encourage them to submit user-generated content. While writing, keep the limelight on ideas and express it well rather than bother about keywords and keyword density.