Broken Link Checker Services

Broken link checker service

Broken Link Checker Services

Tie Up the Loose Ends

It is indeed very frustrating to visit a website and click on a link only to find that it does not lead anywhere! As web surfers, we have often come across this irritating problem. Our instant reaction then is to leave the website and check out some other alternative. Now look at this problem from the other side of the coin. The website is losing out on business revenue because it has web links that are blind alleys. As an Internet marketer, every online consumer that leaves your website because of broken links is a wasted opportunity to sell. Our broken link checker services team ensures that your website does not have a single broken link!

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Checking up for broken links can be tedious and taxing if it is not done through automated tools. This is especially true for websites that have a lot of web pages. Our broken link checker services goes through every web link that you have listed on the website. We generate a report to inform you about broken links. We believe that your website is a dynamic entity and you will be making changes to the website in terms of content and the number of web pages you have. Every time you update the website, the inner links tend to break. Our broken link checker tools will point them out and fix them.

Here are some more reasons why you need our broken link checker services:

  • Dead or wrong web links on the website affect your credibility as an Internet marketer. Online visitors will be repelled by your website if there are broken links.
  • Your SEO efforts to bring online traffic becomes counter-productive if the visitors click on broken links and are not directed to the correct web page. It affects the entire online lead generation process
  • Broken links affect the search engine rankings and devalues the worth of your website.
  • We also guide you to build a great 404 error page so that users feel sticky to your site even if the link is broken
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