The Challenger to Google:

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samuruDare to think beyond Google? The time is probably very close by when the dominance of Google will end and give rise to a new superpower in the world of search engines. No, we are not talking about Yahoo or Bing overtaking Google! That seems like a very distant possibility. Instead, a dark horse has emerged out of nowhere to claim the top slot among search engine players. This new kid on the block is, a search engine that is still in the development stage. Then why is there a clamor about overtaking Google? Let’s investigate! is being developed by Stremor, a company owned by Brandon Wirtz. Wirtz has played around with Google for years, finding out the chinks in the armor of Goliath. Now, with the power of knowing these chinks, Wirtz has come up with a David to challenge Goliath. This David is Wirtz says that because of his constant explorations and experiments with Google, he now has a plan to combat spamming better than the search engine giant. Moreover, he has brought up to do away with the age-old practice of valuing websites according to link building networks and incoming traffic.

So what will be the criteria for a website to rank highly on Content! Yes, that highly ignored and often relegated cousin of search engine marketing will finally get its due! In, the content of a website will be converted into a mathematical evaluation through software that Wirtz has named as Liquid Helium. Liquid Helium will convert sentences, words, information and the likes into a mathematical value. As a result, the content of a website will be the prime decider on what goes at the top of the search engine results.

With the onus finally on quality content, will change the way we look at website content writing. Websites have to come up excellent content so that they are able to compete with the others in the same domain. is yet to launch on the market. But Google lovers are sure that this trend-setting idea of will not go unchallenged. They are confident that Google will come up with their version of an innovation to make content the mainstay of website rankings in their algorithms. So, stay tuned for a pitched battle for search engine supremacy in the months to come!