Tips on Making Quick Fixes for your Laptop Screen

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laptop screen repairThe first day you laid your hands on your laptop, it becomes a necessity either for work or for leisure. You will not get one for nothing, in the first place. Then again, what to do in case your laptop screen gets a few glitches? Do you need to call a technician right away? No, hold that yet. You may probably do the fix and save a lot along the way.


Establish How Minor or Major the Glitch Is

Dealing with a cracked laptop screen is one of the most common yet simple fixes that you could do DIY style. Your laptop screen is pretty fragile. It’s almost like glass. Unfortunately, a lot of users do not know that unless they are faced with the problem already. Good thing, this is quite easy to do on your own. Here is a guide to repairing laptop screen:

Step 1: Before you move anything on your laptop, you have to be sure that you have a replacement unit ready. Since this can be tricky, you need to accomplish this before you proceed with the process. Go to a computer service center and find a suitable replacement for your laptop screen. You may also choose to find affordable deals online because manufacturers may charge incredibly high, sometimes, even more expensive than the laptop itself. Another good option is to find those who are selling parts of their broken laptop. It is easier to bargain with them as they will have nothing to do with the remaining good parts.

Step 2: Once you are ready with a replacement screen, you can proceed replacing the cracked screen. The screen is connected with screws that you have to remove one by one. It is ideal that you move around an appropriate working station where you will not lose screws or get barged in by unwanted guests.

Step 3: Get the laptop screen off by removing the plastic flap holding down the power button. Securely install the new screen and out back all screws.

See, that’s quite easy to get over and done with. There are other faults in laptop screens that are easy to DIY. One is resolving a faulty backlight and the other is a faulty image display. To be effective in doing those and other simple and quick fixes, you will be able to get by with the following tips:

Tip #1: Touch metal and do not wear shoes while you are working on your laptop screen. Touching metal, as we all know, will help keep you grounded. On the other hand, wearing shoes will only build enough electricity in your body, which will cause static. That’s why you should not wear a pair while working on a laptop fix.

Tip #2: When you open up a laptop, remember that there are some things you should not touch.

Tip #3: be sure to know exactly what the problem is so you know where to start fixing. Learn the construction of your laptop. Know where the backlight or the inverter so it will be easy to resolve issues involving them. Also, know how to unscrew your laptop right and how to put everything back together as well.

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with laptop repair. With simple tips, you can get by fixing simple issues involving your laptop screen. This will help you save time, money, and effort along the way.

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