Tips While Creating Facebook Ads

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Efficient Frontier, the ad-buying and optimization firm acquired by Adobe Systems Inc. reported that Ads on Facebook would account for 5% of the over-all online advertising spending this year. The amount is 2.7% up from Facebook’s ad spending during the fourth quarter of 2010. David Karnstedt, the former president and CEO of Efficient Frontier (now VP & GM, Advertising, Digital Marketing for Adobe) said, “Facebook continues to be where marketers are placing new bets by adding advertising spend with a focus on fan acquisition.”

In fact, retailers and marketers are already using Facebook Ads to attract potential customers who spend a lot of time on this social networking site. The Sponsored Stories and Featured Stories are also becoming popular for attracting people to Facebook fan page. Market surveys say, all these marketing efforts are working and brands have successfully increased their fan count by an average of 9% per month in the fourth quarter.

The ad platform of Facebook is pretty simple to work on; it has an image limit of 110×80 pixel, a title limit of 25 characters, and a body text limit of 90 characters. However, many advertisers mess up with an ad unit so small. And the trend is also noticed in Facebook. Here we have a few tips to help you create Facebook ads.

Images: Spare us the poor quality images that have been through several rounds of Photoshop and other photo editing tools. Using pixelated, improperly stretched out, and blurry images will hardly help you to impress your targeted audience. And there is no excuse for using such poor quality images when Facebook allow previewing as soon as you load an image.

Grammar: Just like any other web content, make sure the ad content is free of grammatical errors. Most of the ad-content go wrong with basic grammar. For example, many advertisers tend to forget (read overlook) the necessity for the end of sentence punctuation. Unfortunately, such content is often far below the body text limit of 90 characters. Thus, to make your ad-content look more professional, get rid of such grammatical errors.

Link: As a marketer, you are fully aware of the importance of linking your content to the specific service and product. The same applies for Facebook Ads. While promoting something specific you must link it to the ad, this is especially applicable if you are promoting some contests or discounts. Link the ad to the specific tab where the discount codes are available or the contest is being held on.

Creating Facebook ads are quite simple, provided you know what you are doing and why you are doing it. In other words, you must be aware of your goals. In addition, focus on the detailing of your content to create a convincing and stronger ad campaign, which will definitely go a long way.

Useful Facebook Ad Design Tips – Infographic

Source: AdChop

facebook ad design tips - infographic