Top 10 Web Parts in SharePoint

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It is not just the Microsoft brand that makes SharePoint successful. It is also the web parts that add scores to SharePoint services. There are a plenty of SharePoint web parts released so far, which are unique in each specific way. Web parts automates either simple and tedious tasks and one can free up SharePoint development resources and satisfy business requirements without expensive coding. Illustrated in this blog are 10 of the best web parts in sharepoint.

SharePoint CRM Template by LookOut Software 

top 10 web parts in share pointSharePoint CRM template is a flexible, easy to use and adaptable Customer Relationship Management application that takes advantage of the native SharePoint functionality in order to provide a rich and comprehensive feature set to manage business relationships. The CRM application can be used on a one to many relationship capacity and can be used for limitless relationship-oriented business functions. You can install and use the application immediately “out-of-the-box” or extend, scale, personalize and configure it to fit the company’s business needs. It also provides a variety of licensing options to suit small, medium and large businesses.

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PDF Converter by Muhimbi 

top 10 web parts in share point 2

The PDF Converter for SharePoint from Muhimbi allows end-users to convert common document types to PDF format within the SharePoint, either interactively or via custom work flows. The PDF Converter is a lightweight solution that supports the most popular file formats encountered in a typical office environment including MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InfoPath, MS-Publisher and even e-mail.

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Chart Web Part by Apptha

top 10 web parts in share point 3

Apptha Chart Web Part is a great application that generates reports from your existing data sources like SharePoint list, SQL server tables, Excel and XML files in an easily understandable format. It creates reports that are visually dynamic, interactive, and informative. This Chart Web Part helps you to make better business decisions and comes with an easy set to use function. The Chart report web part produces multiple chart types like lines, bars, stacked bars, area, and pie charts with many features. It also makes use of group related data using operations like sum, count, percentage and average. The web part also withholds the ability to define chart size in height, width and diameter in pixels. It has the ability to display four different types of charts at the same time, for the single input you give. More than 20 chart types are available in this application. It also offers you the ability to define chart size for height and width in pixels. This web part supports SharePoint 2010 edition.

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WorkEngine – Project and Work Management by EPM Live 

top 10 web parts in share point 4

WorkEngine from EPM Live excels in delivering SharePoint-based Enterprise Project and Work Management tools such as: SharePoint templates, web parts and applications that empower teams to more effectively work together. WorkEngine utilizes a centralized pre-built SharePoint solution so that teams can publish and share Microsoft Project schedules, documents, identify issues, risks, manage action items and create dynamic reports for informed decision making on all business and project critical activities.

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Virto Ajax SharePoint Web Part Calendar 

top 10 web parts in share point 5

Virto Ajax SharePoint Web Part Calendar by Virto Software is a Color Coded web part Calendar for SharePoint that enables users to view all of their events from different SharePoint lists in one single calendar. Virto Ajax Calendar surpasses the existing SharePoint calendar view’s functionality by allowing users to specify the list or view, color code the displayed items by category of events such as internal or external, view day, week, month, year, and Gantt view.  It also provides users the ability to create any new event with just a single click. The calendar is built on Ajax technology and is designed for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

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Twitter Webpart for SharePoint by Deltascheme 

top 10 web parts in share point 6

Twitter WebPart from Deltascheme enfolds content from Twitter without overloading the Twitter API rate limits, which means the staff can see the latest news from the hottest source, without leaving the corporate network. The Web Part allows searching for tweets using Twitter’s Search API. It is capable of bringing back content from Twitter for users.

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Group Email Web Part by Apptha

top 10 web parts in share point 7

Apptha’s Group Email web part is a perfect application that enables you to send group e-mails from the Sharepoint site. So far in Sharepoint, there is no option for sending group emails. With Group Email Web part, this feature can be implemented. The Web Part allows project managers or site administrators to send bulk e-mails to a group of users by using the email addresses in the entire Sharepoint site or an Active Directory distribution group. User restrictions can be made based on the user permission level (Approver, Designer, etc.,), i.e. if you set the Designer, the mail will be sent only to the designer from your selection group. The emails can be sent through desktop email client. It also has the ability to send emails among multiple groups.

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SharePoint Timesheet and Attendance by EPM Live 

top 10 web parts in share point 8

SharePoint Timesheet and Attendance module applies timesheet tracking to any work item using Microsoft SharePoint . It has got Built-in notification capabilities to effectively streamline communication . The web part also captures time-phased data to build your own reports .

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Migration Manager for SharePoint by Metalogix 

top 10 web parts in share point 9

Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint simplifies moving, upgrading and managing your SharePoint content on-premises or in the cloud. The web part migrates file shares or legacy document and content management systems to SharePoint or move content from one location to another without disruption. With its intuitive user interface, content owners as well as administrators can quickly upgrade or migrate content.

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SharePoint CRM by BPA Solutions 

top 10 web parts in share point 10

SharePoint CRM from BPA Solutions is a unique and complete SharePoint CRM template. With this web part, it is easy to use, easy to integrate, easy to customize and easy to align with business processes. BPA CRM is based on the BPA xRM platform allowing organization to track any information and process for business.

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I hope you have started downloading the web part and enjoyed with one of the web part from this article.

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