Top 5 Tricks to Get Better Guest Posts

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guest postingAccepting guest posts has a number of advantages. In this post we will discuss on how to get better guest posts in order to make use of them. You will be able to derive more benefit from your guest posts if you look at it from the perspective of the guest bloggers as well. When you think about both sides of the coin, you will be able to get better posts coming in for your blog. Here are the top 5 tips that you need to keep in mind to get better guest posts for your blog:

Set Written Guidelines:

Guest bloggers need to know what kind of posts you are interested in so that they know what to write about in order to be accepted. Have a written set of guidelines on your blog to make things clear to the guest bloggers. In this guideline, make sure you have preferred topics and keywords written down to make your intentions clear.

Let Guest Bloggers Upload:

Do not remain tied up with the uploading and publishing of guest posts. Allow the guest bloggers to do it. Let these bloggers select images, if any, to go with their posts and also embed web links and other backend accessories. It will give the guest bloggers more editorial control and more freedom to upload.

Call for a Draft:

You can allow the guest bloggers to upload their work on your blog but always call for a draft of the piece for your approval. Brand value is not to be squandered in any possible manner! You wouldn’t like to upload something that destroys your credibility. Instead, edit the guest post at the drafting stage and leave the uploading to the guest blogger.

Google Guest Blogger Profiles:

You don’t allow an unknown person to be a part of your social media circle without checking their profile. Why would it be any different for a guest blogger? Research and finalize your guest bloggers before accepting their work. Find out what they have done previously and how distinctive their blogging identity is. That will help you keep away the unscrupulous guest bloggers.

Call Back Good Writers:

A time-tested way to attract excellent guest posts is to call back guest bloggers who have submitted quality content to your blog in the past. Keep in touch with those excellent writers because they are a rare breed! And call upon them to deliver again when you require guest posts.