Top 5 Ways to Leverage your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedinLinkedIn is regarded as the numero uno professional networking site. It is now known to most professionals that LinkedIn is useful to connect with peers, look for jobs or if you are a recruiting manager, hire people through this network. It is time for you to brush up your LinkedIn profile. You must not regard LinkedIn profiles as extensions of your Facebook or Twitter pages! Instead, make it look like your resume that makes the first impression on people interested in your profile as a professional. Here are the top 5 ways to brush up your LinkedIn profile:

  • Profile Picture: The display picture that leads your LinkedIn page is of paramount importance. Get rid of those puffy eyes and disheveled hair! Bring on board a picture that smacks of professional behavior. Your picture will reflect who you are a professional. Do not take chances here.
  • Headline: The headline of your profile must contain keywords that define you as a professional. It is important to do that because people who search for professionals in your domain will use keywords like ‘Web Designer’ instead of your name. Draft a short, snazzy headline that grabs eyeballs.
  • Experience: Write a brief experience paragraph on what you have achieved as a professional. State facts and interpret them to signify what those parameters are. That will help others not from your domain of work to understand the value of your numbers. Be objective and precise. State only relevant experience. For example, if you are a web designer, do not talk about how many years you played bass for a neighborhood rock band.
  • Summary: This is the section where you can dive into your professional career in detail. Speak about your professional details, your achievements, awards and the likes. Because you are allowed more leeway to write here, you can state your professional objectives and what you intend to achieve in the days, and years, to come.
  • Recommendations: Get authentic and credible recommendations from past employers, team leaders and peers. A sincerely written recommendation can be immediately distinguished from a sycophantic one. So, do not edit what your ex-employer writes about you and take off the not-so-flattering remarks! No one expects you to be perfect from every possible angle. Instead, the desire to overcome your weakness and move on is what distinguishes you as a professional.