Top 5 Web Design Applications 2013

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web design applicationsWeb Design 2013 – What To Expect

Technology is growing and evolving every day. Every time we turn around something new is coming out. Are you a technology geek who loves to be one of the first to get the newest piece of technology when it first hits the stores? Are you always standing in line waiting for the newest piece of technology so you can be one of the first to get it? If this is you then you will love to read about the top 5 web design applications that are predicted for 2013.


Responsive Web Design


When it comes to new mobile devices and new computers coming out, responsive web design will be a big hit. This is because responsive web design will allow for one design to be used for all new devices coming on the market in the future. This makes it easier and better for web designers who have to create new layout designs to fit the newest computers and mobile devices. Instead of a new layout for each new computer or mobile device coming out, responsive web design will allow for one layout to work with all new computers and mobile devices.


Designed Typography


Because of the many varieties of typography, web designers have many fonts to choose from when designing a new website. However, sometimes there are too many fonts to choose from and choosing the best one out of the many available can be a daunting task for web designers. In the near future, as early as 2013, web designers will be giving more importance to designed typography to make things better and easier when designing their next website.


Vertical Scrolling


Although mobile devices offer both vertical and horizontal scrolling to make things more user friendly for mobile users, in the very near future, as near as the year of 2013, vertical scrolling will be a thing everyone will be getting used to. With vertical scrolling, you will be able to scroll and still see the shopping cart or any other buttons you need to see without having to scroll back up just to see them. This means these buttons will scroll with you when scrolling down. How cool is that?


Huge Buttons


With the touch and tap on mobile devices being something everyone is already used to and are using, huge buttons can definitely be expected for 2013. With huge buttons, things will be a lot easier when searching the web on a mobile device. However, with huge buttons, web designers will have to find a way for it to work without slowing the website down. If not, huge buttons won’t last very long.


Parallax Scrolling


Although parallax scrolling is already popular with video games, we can expect to see it on our mobile phones as well. This way of scrolling will allow for web designers to control the design objects depth on the website they are designing. This is something very cool to come out in 2013 and will make mobile phones more user friendly and more interesting.


Author: Victoria Heckstall is a freelance writer who loves showing others how to build a website.