Twitter as an Extension of your Business CRM

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Twitter BroadcastThis century we live in is the hype of social media. It has become a major part of our lives, as social media allows ease of all sorts of social interactions around the globe. Social media is currently the largest content on the internet due to its popularity and its many valuable applications in both the social and the business world. Very popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube are now a part of our every day lives in today’s generation as many interesting social interactions take part in these sites. All of these hypes have become a culture for all. Due to this new culture, many business entities have chosen the social media as their medium of customer and social interactions because the social media is where the bulk of their customers are. In this article, we will tackle the microblogging social networking site Twitter, and how it can be an extension of a company’s CRM efforts.

But what is CRM? CRM is Customer Relationship Management, and it is basically the management of a company’s interaction with their customers. Needless to say, it is a very important aspect of any business organization, as the way a company handles its customers will always relate to the performance of the organization. It will make or break your business, as having a poor CRM will surely cause customer dissatisfaction, while maintaining a good CRM will surely satisfy your customer’s wants and needs. The business exists for its customers so managing customers well should be a number one priority. But what does Twitter have to do with CRM? Let us have a good overall view of what Twitter is.

Twitter is an online social networking service website which offers microblogging services which enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters known as “tweets”. This site allows users to have a database of information about them, and at the same time allows them to have “followers” that will receive updates from the users they choose to follow. These updates can be anything, like current situations, announcements, promos, happenings, or anything under the sun. Tweeter allows unregistered users to read the tweets, while registered ones can post tweets or post responses to the tweets via of course the website itself, SMS, or a via certain apps for mobile devices. Twitter is totally free so it encourages millions of users to subscribe to it. All sorts of individual including celebrities, teens and big companies as well have joined the hype to utilize its capabilities. Business has been a useful application of Twitter, and CRM tasks can be extended using it. Let us look into 5 things you can do with your CRM efforts using Twitter.

  1. Broadcast updates, news letters, new promos to your customers

One thing that Twitter does is provide users with a means of broadcasting all sorts of information about a business. Due to Twitter’s text output capabilities, it can display information to a business’s audience or customers. The information can be updates, news letters, or new promos.

For an example, Dell is has created numerous Twitter accounts, each focusing on certain deals or promos and updates or news about their products. One account of Dell is DellOutlet where it announces or posts refurbished Dell computer offers and promos.

  1. Interact with your customers – Direct Messaging

Twitter also has direct messaging features. Posting a message to users or to specific users can be accomplished via Twitter. Again, registered users can respond to a business entity’s tweets, and even unregistered users can read them too but cannot respond to them. Direct messaging specific users can be done by using the “@symbol” followed the user name of the designated recipient, e.g. “@JohnDoe”.

Best Buy uses Twitter for its interactions with its customers by having the account Gina Community. They constantly aim to be closer to their customers by having a constant interaction with their customers and friends using Gina Community in Twitter.

  1. Promote Brand Mentions

Twitter can also encourage brand mentions of the business, more so if the tweet content is an interesting one. Customers or your followers will talk about the organization in Twitter just as long as tweets remain attractive.

Discounts and promos are not an every day attraction or privilege to customers, so with announcement of events like this, you will surely draw mentions of your brand. Popeyes uses Twitter to respond to customer feedbacks with an interesting tone, not only that, it announces current deals and discounts that attracts customers, as all customers want to avail of limited time discounts. With this attraction of customers in Twitter, people talk about the brand and thus promote brand mentions.

  1. Twitter can be your inquiry platformCustomer Relationship Management

Twitter can also be a means of an inquiry platform. Tweets are usually either announcements, or questions. Lots of inquiries can be tweeted and Tweeter will allow the business to respond to all those inquiries. To filter out or, group, and mark inquiry data for easy access, one can use the hashtag symbol “#” followed by the discussion tag characters, e.g. “#Topic1”.

Starbucks constantly posts new offers via Twitter, and apart from this, they also created various threads to serve as an organized inquiry database for their followers or customers. Any follower can post a tweet about an inquiry in the corresponding thread subject, and Starbucks will reply and participate in all the threaded discussions.

  1. Customer Service or Tech support

Also, Twitter can serve as a customer or tech support hub for customers. People can tweet their concerns and the business may respond to them via replying to those respective tweets.

ComCast have a customer service Twitter account to respond to any issues of their customers. One interesting feature of their customer service account is that the actual picture or avatar of the customer service representative is displayed on the tweets, which brings a sense of comfort and closeness to the customer.

Wrapping things up, Twitter will always be advantageous to your CRM efforts, as Twitter maximizes the capabilities of the internet, very easy to use, and it can connect to customers all over the world. It saves you effort and most all saves you money as it is free. Consider its CRM and other benefits and go with the hype and be a Twitter user to boost your business!

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