Using Social Media For Marketing Purposes

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Social Media and Marketing

Social Media and MarketingThe popularity of social media platforms in recent times has opened a new avenue for small business owners to advertise their products and services to a wider audience without spending a dime or very little on promoting your brand. This avenue has gone a long way in closing the gap between smaller businesses and larger organisations in terms of advertising for SME’s no longer have to set un-reachable budgets for traditional advertising on Television programs and Newspapers.

This article intends to provide tips for small business owners to help them harness the power of the social media in driving market sales, reaching a wider audience and achieving profitability in your business endeavours.

Tips to Using Social Media Platforms

There are different social networking platforms available on the web and each platform has its unique features, method of use etc. which makes each one suitable for meeting different marketing purposes. The first step in maximizing the web is obviously creating an online presence for your business and this presence could either be a complete website or just a blog depending on your available capital. But launching your website is just the first step which brings us to the process of attracting clients through social networking and creating contents on a regular basis for your website.

  • Choosing the right Social Networks: Contrary to popular knowledge, your brand does not need to be on every social media site for you would end up expending more energy than needed in maintaining those website which would be counter productive in the long run. We advice you to conduct a market research on what platforms would best serve your business and capitalize on them.
  • Update regularly: This goes for both your blog posts and social contents. updating quality contents pertaining to your business and creating links which direct interested visitors to your site is the most important feature needed to market your business for it gives you visibility on diverse search engines. We know updating regularly can be quite difficult therefore taking advantage of freelancers by outsourcing blog posting and updates are recommended.
  • Understand your Audience: This also calls for a form off research, you are advised to study your competitors, your prospective clients and what drives them. This information should then be used to create a unique strategy for your brand without copying the competition.
  • Be Lazy: This may sound unconventional, shocking and bizarre but ask yourself what type of clients do you want to attract? Paying ones or just followers? Therefore we advise you to create unique contents, sit back, relax and let the true clients who need your services come to you. Avoid unnecessary one on one contact but focus on providing unique solutions to diverse problems pertaining to your business and watch clients flock to your firm.
  • Have relentless focus: Once you have created or identified your business goal, focus on that goal and tailor your messages on your social media account to show that focus. It pays to be a master of one trade than a jack of all trades.


Author Bio: Purathini is a webmaster at Research Optimus. She also indulges in writing Scientific research and marketing related articles.