Ways to Unlock the iPhone before Inserting SIM Card

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iphoneSince the last few months, various groups have declared that they have come up with an idea of unlocking the iPhone, thereby enabling it to use a SIM card of any connection provider. What should be kept in mind is that this is only a part of the story. The GSM radio band is used by the iPhone for communication purposes. It means that an iPhone will only be usable with any of those providers which use the GSM network. AT&T and T-Mobile in the U.S are two examples of such providers.

In the month of August, a few hackers showed a method of unlocking the SIM cards and then they sold the software to the resellers, who then sold it again to the public. Another group has also emerged with a different way of hacking. It has done it with the aid of some free software, which enables the unlocking of your iPhone within an hour, without you having to pay any charge. This article will demonstrate to you how the whole process works.

Before you start, you will have to disable the application of iTunes helper. Otherwise it might create some unnecessary hindrance. You will have to ensure that the application is not running. Then you will have to go to the Utilities folder under the application folder in order to open the OS X’s Activity Monitor. You will have to scroll down to the iTunes Helper, and then select that and click upon the button called Quit Process at the top portion of the left of the screen. What you will also be need is your iPhone, the data cable, and also a Wi-Fi connection attached to the internet.

Installing AppTapp

Installation of any third-party application in the iPhone is never supported by Apple. However, the skillful developers of NullRiver have developed App Tapp. It is a program which will allow you to install games, chat and also those set of software which will enable you to unlock your iPhone. If everything goes correctly, you will be finding a new application, called Installer, on the home screen of your iPhone.

The next set of instructions will require you to download a few applications from the internet into your iPhone. So you must ensure that the phone stays connected to a Wi-Fi network. In the Installer program, you will get to see a huge list of several applications which you may install.

The GSM Unlock

Firstly, you have to download and install lockdown, Unlock.app and Cyberduck. Then you will have to move to the general settings of your phone and set the Auto-Lock to never. After that, you will need to get the IP address of your phone into the local network.

Now you will have to open Cyberduck and click the button of Open connection at the left hand top of the window. Then type the IP address at the connection window. Ensure that SFTP has been selected and Port 22 is being used.

Once everything has been done smoothly, you will see the progress messages appearing on the screen. Then you can take up the SIM card of your choice and put it inside your iPhone.
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