What are the best ways for SEO managers to stay on top of Google’s algorithm tweaks?

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SEOGoogle changes its search algorithm more than the average person changes their undergarments. Just kidding – or am I? All joking aside, the company is updating its ranking technology on a frequent basis, and more often than not, these updates come with major implications. SEO managers are responsible for keeping up with the changes, so here is an article explaining the best ways to stay on top of all the algorithm tweaks.



Follow Google

Lately, Google has been more open than ever about its algorithm plans. For instance, the company gave us all a heads up before rolling out Penguin, a recent update that specifically addresses web spam. This is unlike in the past, when it would make changes without the giving the slightest warning. No one knows why, but that doesn’t matter. What’s important is knowing that you are now more likely to have time to prepare and preserve your rankings. SEO managers would be wise to follow Google through the blogosphere, social web, and other online destinations to get an idea of when changes might be coming.


Be Aware

While Google has recently taken a friendlier approach to algorithm updates, it would be unwise to get comfortable and count on things remaining this way. Today’s tweak could be something we knew about well in advance, while tomorrow’s might come announced and threaten to catch us off guard. Google is not obliged to share any information, and this is why it pays to stay aware of your status. Has your number of average daily visitors suddenly decreased? Has your site dropped from first to fifth in the rankings? SEO managers who keep a watchful over their data and positioning can react to algorithm changes before too much damage is done.


Adopt the Best Practices

Over the years we have learned that no matter how many tweaks Google makes to its algorithm, those who do SEO right suffer little to no consequences. By adopting the following best practices, SEO managers can make sure their prominent search presence remains intact:

– Create content that offers value to human readers – not just search engines

– Link to relevant sites with high ranking authority

– Create original content and avoid duplicate material

– Keep advertising content to a minimum

– Publish content that is rich in relevant keywords

– Don’t over-optimize (e.g. using too many keywords, having too many links to low-quality sites, etc.)


Staying on top of Google’s ever changing algorithm is a never-ending mission for SEO managers. And while keeping up with all the tweaks is no doubt important, it is also nothing to get too stressed out over. Even Matt Cutts, one of the leaders of Google’s search team, warns that we shouldn’t chase the algorithm, but focus on delivering what our users want. This is perhaps the best advice to follow because when users are happy, everyone is happy, including Google.

Author Bio

Francis Santos is a writer for Benchmark Email, an email marketing software company.