What does the future hold for SEO and SMO?

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With search engines constantly updating their rules and social media sites changing all the time many people have begun to wonder what the future holds for internet marketing. Search engine optimisation and social media optimisation are the two most popular forms of marketing currently, but will this always be the case? Let’s have a look at what the future (could) hold for SEO and SMO.

Search engine optimization                                                                                                                                                As many of you may already know; Google leads the way when it comes to search engines and their ranking systems. Every time they launch a new update many digital marketers spend days and weeks scanning through the new rules and updating the content they have spent months trying to perfect. As soon as the content is up to scratch Google seems to launch a new update which means we are all back to square one again. Some argue that this is good for digital marketers as it constantly gives them work, others say that it has an impact on the companies who have to spend money changing everything over again. Will Google ever just stick to one set of rules? It’s doubtful. It does, however, give everybody a good chance of hitting those top ranks as long as they pay attention to their website or blog SEO. As for the future, I think it will be very much like the present. Except perhaps Google will come up with better names for their updates!

seo and smo


Social media optimization                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

smoSocial media optimisation is still a fairly new way of online marketing, that is constantly adapting and changing over time. Many of the big social networks have begun to see an increase in companies using them to advertise and are therefore looking at ways they can utilise this. With promoted tweets and sponsored posts many large companies feel as though they have to pay to be seen by potential customers. However, social media optimisation is not just about paying a premium to be advertised on the social networks. Building up a good business profile on many of the websites can ensure that your company is also promoted in the right way. As with SEO it’s important that the content is there and that you are constantly keeping it updated to work with the current trends. Knowing your customer is key when it comes to SMO as certain social networks could be a waste of time depending on your target audience. A little bit of trial and error is all it takes to get SMO working for your business. The future of social media optimisation is a hazy one as the big websites plan away in secret. I think perhaps soon all companies will have to pay for the privilege of having a profile, in which case many of us will resort straight back to using SEO instead.


Obviously these are just educated predictions when it comes to the future of these two marketing techniques. Do you think the search engines will change the number of updates they have? Or do you think social media websites will begin to charge companies to even have a profile? Only time will tell!