What Makes a Web Site Link-Worthy?

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link buildingWhat would make one webmaster choose to link their site to yours? The main aim of this was to allow documents that relate to each other be linked from one computer to the next. However, this was before the majority of the world became familiar with the Internet.


A large majority of commercial web content is related to  Link Building process. From banner ads to text ads, to even tweeting a URL from your twitter account. All this linking is what connects people. Thus, anything that is clicked to connect people to another web page constitutes a link.


So, what can one learn from this? Generally, if your content is not useful to people online, you will not get links to your website from other pages. One needs to ensure that they not only have quality content on their website, but that the content is also relevant to people. When websites are not getting as many links as they would like, the webmasters may opt to buy some of these links. However, this is not going to solve anything as most of these bought links do not generate much traffic. Instead, you need to battle the core of the problem, which would be the content of the website itself. This is the only thing that will help generate successful links that will do wonders for your search engine rankings.


So, what comprises a website that is link worthy? Let’s picture that you are dealing in a magic website. A website that has all things magical ranging from wands to fairy dust. However, if you are only providing products on your website, would this be sufficient enough to get numerous links from different people?


This is what separates link worthy websites from those that are not. If you have an online magic store, you need to provide something additional that will make people come back other than the products that you are trying to sell them.


So what about, in addition to the products that you are selling, you also have a database on information pertaining to magic itself. This database could include information on various magic tricks, biographies on magicians, and a glossary of words frequently used in magic.


This would make your website much more relevant as it would have content that people are interested in. This is especially people who are visiting your website for your specific products as they can now get additional information on whatever questions they may have.


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I am Deepika Garg working as SEO Manager with SEO RANK SMART I do serve my clients with my expertise to uplift their existing internet marketing efforts.