Why Do You Need Sub-domains for SEO

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seo strategyCreating sub-domains was not considered a wise idea till very recently. Skeptics had their doubts about using sub-domains for the purpose of SEO. However, because of the need to do something different and break away from the clutter usually noticed in the online marketing segment, some SEO experts are now beginning to look at sub-domains with a fresh perspective.

Sub-domains Help to Diversify

The most common one that is being used to validate the use of sub-domains in SEO is the need to diversify. You cannot put all your eggs in one basket anymore, especially in this unpredictable digital marketing scenario. You want to cover as much territory as you possibly can but in the process your website looks a bit of a mess. Sub-domains can help you segregate your goals and also help you use keywords relevantly. You can plug fresh content in these sub-domains and optimize them with suitable keywords.

Write for Your Audience

If your content is of excellent quality, people will look into your sub-domains as well. You will get a dedicated steam of visitors checking for your sub-domains and reading your content. But the price of getting that privilege is that you have to write according to the audience and your readers out there. You have to create the keywords that your readers will be interested in searching for. The advantage of doing this is that you will have a clear advantage over your competitors through this process.

Use Individuality of Sub-domains

Treat sub-domains as individual opportunities to optimize your online cause. Do not blow away the opportunity to widen your net to bring in online users. Optimize your sub-domains with distinctive set of keywords that gives them identities of their own. Allow the search engine crawlers to find your sub-domains with a richer variety of keywords rather than find the same keywords used to optimize all the sub-domains. After all, these sub-domains are entry gates to your online destination. What is the rationale of building all these gates on the same side of the wall!

You will find naysayers writing off the use of sub-domains. But what is the point of being in the SEO business if you don’t do something different and grab the first-mover’s advantage!