Why Small Businesses should Join Twitter??

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small businesses should join twitterMost of big brands and large companies are using social networking sites like Twitter to market their business and are getting big results from it. However, some of the small businesses are yet to leverage such social networking and micro-blogging sites to grow their businesses. Many think that social networking sites like Twitter works better for big brands, as people already know about them and would like to get updates about them. However, they overlook the fact that such social networking sites will help them to achieve a global exposure and reach their target audience.

Today, in the world of marketing social media is the buzzword. Most of them offer free membership; thus, there is no reason for the small businesses (which usually have limited budgets) not to take advantage of these social networking sites. But if you are still contemplating, consider the benefits of Twitter for small businesses:


  • Twitter can help you to increase your branding or product awareness. It enables you to think out of the box. You can reach the global buyer’s market, which in turn, can dramatically increase your business exposure and product awareness.
  •  You can use Twitter for increasing sales. Simply tweet about your latest product offers, sales discounts, and promotions to increase your sales dramatically both online and offline.
  •  Tweet about your new events or product launch for a global exposure. And provide constant updates of the event or product launch to your Twitter followers. This helps to create an excited audience, thus, creating a buzz about event or product launch.
  •  Social networking sites are the best place to see what people are saying about you. Take it one-step further; use sites like Twitter to get customer feedback. You can ask questions or add polls to Twitter to get feedback about your products and services from your existing and potential clients.
  •  In relation to customer feedback, you can use this social networking site to provide quality customer service. Use the Twitter profile as your online Customer Service Desk. Many users tweet their complaints or ask for technical support, answer them and try to solve their problem. This is like giving a personal face to your business; you can attract new clients and provide support to existing ones.

In addition, you can build a forum or community. However, for that you need to tweet ‘good content’ as such interesting tweets are likely to be “re-tweeted” by your group of followers, allowing you to increase your business exposure. Finally, Twitter helps to drive traffic to your site. When you are tweeting an interesting content or update, your followers are likely to click on the link to know more about them and you will have more number of targeted traffic to your site.