Why You Lack in Followers on Twitter?

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The most common strategy to gain followers on Twitter is to follow them first. Almost all of us use this strategy with the hope that they too will follow us back (unless you are brand or a big industry player). Though this strategy works in most cases, it does not always work out. There could be many reasons why people are not following you back. In this post, we will discuss some of the common mistakes that are mostly responsible for not having good number of followers on Twitter.

Not having a profile picture:  

This is best way to tell people that you are mere “newbie” on Twitter. And old players on Twitter with the default egg image can hardly come up with an excuse for such practice. People would like to know who they are following. Thus, it is best to use your real picture – a headshot is best option. However, those who are too shy to reveal their identity or are more interested to market their brand should consider using a relevant graphic like a company logo.

Profile without proper bio:

In context to the previous point, a profile without a proper bio lacks in credibility. You need to give more than a profile picture to make people follow you back. Twitter allows you 160 characters to describe yourself and your business. So take advantage of the bio section and describe yourself along with the kind of industry you cater to. This will help the people to understand the subjects that you will be tweeting about. This will also help the search feature of this micro-blogging site to connect your profile will like-minded people.

The number of times you tweet:

People may not follow you back if you are tweeting too less or too much. In general, your followers or rather potential followers glance through Twitter feed to know how often you tweet and what you are tweeting about. And if you are tweeting all day long or once a week, chances is less that they will follow you back, as the former practice is likely to clog up their Twitter stream while the later will hardly reflect you as a Twitter enthusiast.

Having protected tweet:

Like any other social networking sites, Twitter value your privacy. Thus, it allows users to protect their tweets, where only your followers can see your tweets. Though it may be an interesting feature for many, it will not serve your purpose from marketing perspective. In fact, it simply defeats Twitter’s real purpose of conversing openly and exchanging ideas.

Believe me, people are hardly going to bother to request your permission if you have protected tweets. Therefore, converse openly if you want people to follow you back. And remember, Twitter also offers a feature called Direct Message where you can converse with your followers in private.

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