Why You Should Have a Mobile Version of Your Website

mobile version of your websiteThe internet age has revolutionized the nature and performance of businesses worldwide. And internet usage among subscribers has steadily grown in the recent past. There are over 5.5 billion phones bring used throughout the world with more than 327 million mobile phone subscribers registered in America, it has been established that more than 90 percent of them log in to the internet using their phones. This number of overwhelming and it is still expected to grow persistently.

It is therefore necessary to have a mobile version of your website in this age and time for these and other reasons:

  • Speed- it has been observed that mobile phones are generally faster in accessing the internet; especially iPhones and Android phones. This is attributed to the smaller surface area and the apex technologies as well as extreme programming applied in coming up with the modern day phones.
  • Affordability- mobile phones are much affordable compared to desktops and PCs; hence more people across the divide can manage to purchase them. Moreover, the smaller surface area of the phone consumers fewer bundles thus saving a lot on the internet cost.
  • Portability- the beauty of a mobile phone is that it is mobile. It is therefore very convenient for the subscribers. Let us use an example of someone who wants to access a news hotline when they are traveling. The sure and most comfortable electronic device to use is a mobile phone because news will be read just on the click and touch of a button. Phones can be carried anywhere and all over; thus there are chances of landing on more page clicks on your website through phones as compared to a PC.
  • Simpler Navigation- a mobile version of a website is customized to include the most important details. Therefore, time wasting and distracting details are often left out. This makes it easier for the viewer to read through the content, view pictures and watch videos. In case there is a subscriber page then it is landed on by the viewer with a lot of ease.
  • Automatic Detection- most mobile version website companies have gone wild in technology by ensuring that there is an automatic form of detection of the kind of mobile phone. You therefore don’t have to worry that a new brand has come to the market which needs to be configured to suit your website and the host does it automatically. The handset will be automatically detected and the webpage redirected immediately.
  • No Need for Search Engine Optimization- a mobile version of a website is automatically modified for search engine optimization fitness. This makes it easier for your site to be easily noticed online.
  • Brand Consistency- a mobile version is customized to suit the specific features of the company as dictated by the user. This ensures that the brand you are selling remains uniquely consistent to the viewers.

This 2013, the amount of mobile users is expected to be doubled. Smartphones can now be bought for $200 – $500 which is affordable.  If you have a site that is not yet mobile optimized, you might be losing traffic.


Gem Franco is a freelance Technology and Internet Marketing writer. He is currently writing guest posts in behalf of OpenHost.co.nz, a domain and web hostingnz company that focuses on serving small to medium sized business market. You might see his articles on various Tech and IM blogs.


  1. Sai Kumar says

    Hi Gem Franco, Clearly Explained about why we should have a mobile version of our website. Thanks for Sharing!

  2. Becca says

    I seem mobile marketing is a most safest way for both mobile users and mobile marketer. A most big advantage of mobile marketing is that i saves marketer’s valuable time and get a quick result. In mobile marketing there are mobile message recipient does not stop any kind of service at a time so if he likes or does not like that advertisement he will sure give answer immediately.

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