Writing a Compelling Web Page

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Content writingFor a web content writer, the body of a web page is the most important aspect of all. This is more crucial than writing articles and blogs or even press releases. The reason is simple. You write other forms of web content to promote your website. Finally, when your targeted online visitors come to the website, you cannot afford to treat them with anything but the best content that you can come up with. Failure to do so would mean that these visitors will shy away from your website, along with other promotional and marketing content that you write. The body of a web page, especially the home page, is the litmus test for any web content writer.

The first point that you need to focus on is to keep things straight and precise. Online readers have a short attention span and even shorter time to devote to a web page, what with so many online portals vying for their attention. A web content writer has to get to the point quickly. Write your copy with relevant details, without sticking to a point for longer periods of time. The better you are at changing tracks, the more interested your reader will be. At the same time, keep your copy furnished with required data and information. Writing precise lines does not mean leaving out required and valid points.

Secondly, rely on short lines. Long, winding sentences may have high literary value in books but on the web page, the mechanics are very different. Write to get your point across without taking refuge in a sack of unnecessary words. Because they are reading your work on the computer screen, they will be distracted by other occupations like checking emails, or chatting with friends. Online readers hate having to go through a labyrinth of words to find out what the actual message is. It is always a wiser idea to give them that message point blank. It saves their time. And yours!

The third point to bear in mind is that you must have control over your tone of writing. Websites have a purpose of their own. If your copy is intended to sell, you must not be blatant about it. No one likes to buy something that is being sold in a desperate way. That makes customers suspicious that something might be wrong with the product/service or the seller. Blend in your marketing lines effortlessly. There is no better writing style than the one which strikes a balance between hard-core selling and information dissemination. Educate the reader on your product/service so that the customer can decide for himself whether he wants to buy or not. When you provide that choice and information to the customer, then you are trusted as a seller!

Finally, be convinced about what you want the customer to be convinced about. If you are vague and clueless as a writer, your copy will smack of it. Always research before you hit the keyboard. Collect the data and present them in a way that you will enjoy yourself as a reader. That is the best way to know what to include and what to edit out in your final draft.