How to get extended or standalone Internship opportunity at Seven Boats?

Our courses (specific courses such as ADMSC, DDM or ADDM) have specific internship module (Live client projects with internship letters & best performer awards) already included in the course without any extra charges but if you want to extend your internship duration beyond stipulated time or want to do only internship (No course, only internship) with Seven Boats, you have to pay additioanlly as instructed. Our additional internship fees start from ₹5000 per 6 weeks program. You can pay fees from “Pay Fees” tab or contact us from “Contact” tab. 

P.S. We usually don’t offer paid internship to external candidates except from our partner institutes or corporate partners. Paid internship opportunity will be provided only to eligible and performing students depending upon strict multi-level selection/evaluation criteria and they will be informed by our company officials in such cases. Stipend/paid internship opprtunity is preferred firstly for our own deserving students. 

March 15, 2021