Choose the Domain Name Judiciously

how to choose a domain name

How to choose a domain name?

One decision that you need to live with is the domain name you select for a particular website. Once your site has the domain name, you cannot back off or change it for any purpose, even if you want to do so badly.

Have a look at the tips from the legendary Rand about the winning rules of choosing domain name for your website.

Is it brandable?

Before deciding on one particular name, it is very important to ask yourself the question, ”Is the name brandable?” When you hear yourself or your friend calling out the name, does it sound like a brand or merely a generic term?

For example, if you plan to sell coffee and want to name your website, “” that won’t be a good idea for the process. The name is difficult for pronunciation, branding and also remembering.

Generic keyword strings do not stand out among a group of similar staff. Something unique is necessary for making people remember it. They often fail make any mark on the search results too. Instead of, you can rely on The hyphen, dash, removed from the brand also provides it strength.


You might be thinking, “why so much hullabaloo about pronunciation, while most people are going to type in the name and then click on the enter button.”

The concept of ‘processing fluency’ is always there in branding. There is a natural inclination of consumers towards the things that they can say or think about, easily. Positive association is natural with words that they can pronounce easily. The name can even be different from the native language you speak. Difficulty in pronouncing the name can make you lose ‘processing fluency’.

Short is beautiful:

Shortening the length of your product name not only lessen characters used on it, but that act makes the brand name easily sharable on social media platforms. Long domain names might get cut on search results. Shorter is better for remembrance also. For example, My Coffee.Com can make an easy, yet short name for remembering and spelling.

.com still impresses consumers:

Even after 20-plus years of internet, common people still have a strong affinity towards the site names ending with dot com, instead of all the other TLD extensions. This is the most widely recognised option. Despite all the new domain extensions approved by ICANN, dot com is the most widely recognised domain extension that the non-tech savvy folks can associate with.

Avoid having names that are similar sounding to extinct brands:

This is a very important aspect of branding to avoid choosing brand names that can be easily confused with some extinct trademarks. Otherwise, the situation can be almost like a judge in the jurisdiction who takes legal action against you due to a case of misrepresentation. Confusing identity of your brand with the trademark of an existing brand can have adverse effect on your business. If your domain name seems to be strikingly similar to an existing coffee brand in your state, the chances of legal actions are quite high. So, why invite trouble?

Intuitive domain name:

The name indicating the type of business is always a good sign for its profitability. If even a couple of members among the target audience can guess your product after hearing the domain name of your business that is an extremely good sign for it. It definitely has a positive impact on the business and so remains in future.

Broad, relevant keywords might help:

Using keywords in the domain name can prove to be a wise decision provided there is any possibility of that keyword to benefit the brand for its digital marketing. Said from purely SEO perspective, this action might help the brand to make effective profit. If the keyword hints at what your business is about, it can be a good decision to have it in the domain name. However, it is very important to have relevant keywords there. Otherwise, it can have adverse effect on the business. Do not consider only keyword based domains for the sake of SEO.

After going through this write up about all the considerations that you should have in your mind at the time of choosing a domain name, I expect you all to come up with the domain name ideas you have for your businesses and products.   

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