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Course Curriculum

Basic Concepts of Marketing
The Dynamics of Digital Media & AACRO™ model of digital marketing 01:30:00
Introduction to Marketing 00:10:00
Basic concepts of marketing
Marketing Basics 00:05:00
Marketing Environment 00:10:00
SWOT Analysis 00:05:00
Marketing Plan / Strategy 00:10:00
Brand management and 4Ps 00:10:00
Integrated Marketing Communication 00:10:00
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 00:10:00
Concept Overview & Brush-up
Digital Marketing Concepts Overview & Brush-up PPT 02:00:00
Digital Marketing Fundamentals
Introduction to Digital MarketingFREE 00:25:00
The internet is the new-age supermarket and mall! Users are increasingly using the internet to surf, check and buy products/services online. Brick and mortar stores are taking the hit badly across the board. In such a scenario, every product seller and service provider needs to have a functional digital marketing strategy in place.
Key Performance Indicators 00:15:00
In the field of search engine optimization as well, there are some yardsticks that express performance or the lack of it. These indicate the performance of the SEO initiative and are known as Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
Types of Digital Marketing 00:20:00
Various types of digital marketing
The Noob Guide to Digital Marketing 00:30:00
The noob guide to digital marketing [infographic]
Digital Marketing Mix 00:20:00
This right recipe for digital marketing success is called the digital marketing mix.
Digital Marketing Process 00:15:00
The Steps in the Digital Marketing Process
How Search Engines read a website? 00:25:00
There is a distinct difference between how a human user looks at a website and how search engine crawlers see it. While human users find visuals like pictures and animation videos eye-grabbing, these mean little to search engine crawlers.
Latent Semantic Indexing 00:20:00
On a skeletal level, LSI checks for synonyms in your content that match with the title and Meta description of your web page.
Business analysis 00:10:00
Understand the business before you start digital marketing!
Landing Page GuidelinesFREE 00:20:00
Landing pages are where a user reaches after clicking on an online ad or web link. It can be a Services web page or a Contact page, depending upon the choice of the online marketer.
Top 3 Call to Action Techniques that work 00:15:00
Top 3 Call to action techniques that work the best!
Sales Messaging & Conversion rate optimization 00:20:00
How to form your sales messages, create buttons, text & choose colors for a better conversion
Anatomy of a SERP 00:40:00
When a user keys in some words in a search box, the search engine throws up some results corresponding to those words. The words used, as you know, are called keywords. The page on which these search results are displayed is known as Search Engine Result Page or SERP.
SEO 00:15:00
SEO is officially the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process by which online brands and information centers ensure that their websites are visible to users, who search in search engines like Google with some words. These words are known as keywords or key phrases.
On-page SEO Factors 00:45:00
The SEO of your website depends equally on the on-page and off-page factors. On-page factors are those aspects of SEO which are visible on the surface of the website.
Google Ranking Factors 01:30:00
There are a number of factors that influence the ranking parameters of Google. We can broadly classify them into two segments: on-page and off-page.
Keyword Research 00:45:00
Keyword research is the backbone of every SEO initiative. Getting hold of the right set of keywords can take your website to the dizzying heights of success
Competition Analysis 00:35:00
In the field of SEO, competition plays a vital role in deciding the strategy and future plans of your own team
On-Page SEO Fundamentals
SEO Title Tags 00:15:00
The use of title tags enhances the SEO optimization of a web page. You can find title tags at the top of the internet browser page that you are using. Title tags carry out two functions, validating its name. As a title, it gives every user an idea about the content of the web page. As a tag, it gives search engine crawlers an idea about the content of the web page.
Meta Description 00:15:00
When online users search for something online, be it on Google or any other search engine, they find some results listed on their screen. Along with each result, there is a one or two line description of the web page listed. This description is usually the reason why an online user clicks on the web link provided and visits that page.
Meta Keywords 00:15:00
Meta keywords are found on the HTML version of a web page. They are comma-separated keywords that are relevant to the content of that particular web page. It must be mentioned at the very start that meta keywords are not that important in the context of SEO on Google. However, meta keywords still hold importance and relevance in other search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Meta keywords are like an embellishment that you add to your web page to stay ahead of the competition curve.
SEO Permalink Structure 00:15:00
The URL that you find in your browser tab for a particular web page is often its permalink. Permalink is a joined word comprising ‘permanent’ and ‘link’ or a web link that is permanent and does not change under any circumstances. Permalinks are necessary to ensure that the address of a page is not variable.
Breadcrumbs & SILO Content Structure 00:30:00
They are directions to ascertain the present location of the user in the context of the website, with the home page as the starting point. SILO Structure stands for the hierarchy of web pages within a website
Heading Tags – H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 00:10:00
Learn about SEO heading tags - H1 to H6. How to rightly use them in your page content.
Image ALT TagsFREE 00:15:00
Did you know that the beautiful images on the website are worth nothing to search engine crawlers? Human users may see the images but for the search engine crawlers, it is just a blank area on the page. The smart way would be to optimize this seemingly blank area to the search engines. It can be done through image ALT tags.
Keyword Proximity 00:15:00
For example, is a digital marketing company. The words ‘digital’, ‘marketing’ and ‘company’ are three different keywords while the phrase ‘digital marketing company’ is a key phrase. Keyword proximity is the yardstick of how close your keywords and key phrases are to each other.
Keyword Density & Consistency 00:25:00
To put is very simply, the keyword density of your content page is the percentage of the number of keywords as opposed to the total number of words on the page. For example, if your keyword appears 2 times in a content page worth 100 words, your keyword density is 2%.
SEO Content writing style 00:10:00
Learn about SEO content writing styles
Contextual Internal & External Links 00:25:00
Internet marketers should make use of anchor texts in order to get online users to click on links and visit different web pages
On-page SEO for a Self-Hosted WordPress Web page 00:35:00
Step by step guide how to do on-page SEO for a self hosted wordpress website's page.
Advanced SEO
301 Permanent Redirect and Canonical Tags 00:30:00
Consider the example of two URLs: and To an online user, both web addresses might mean the same. But they are not! To the search engines and from the SEO perspective, these are different from one another.
Sitemap 00:20:00
Sitemaps do not just help your online visitors to find what they are looking for; it is also beneficial to search engine crawlers to index your web pages on the SERPs. Having a well-drafted and crafted sitemap will also help your web content team to build up web pages according to the blueprint of the sitemap.
Robots.txt and Meta Robot 00:25:00
The search engine crawlers or spiders that visit your website need instructions from your end to crawl and index your website. These instructions direct the crawlers in the right direction, as per your convenience. These set of instructions are listed as robots.txt.
Rich Snippets 00:20:00
Rich snippets are interesting tidbits of data and information that the webmaster provides to arrest the attention of the user. It can be in the form of reviews, ratings, snaps of the author, etc.
Open Graph 00:15:00
Very simply put, Open Graph is a tool on Facebook to share a webpage’s content summary through a thumbnail image and 2 or 3 lines of descriptive text.
Page Caching & Page Speed 00:15:00
Page caching & page speed concept
RSS Feed 00:20:00
RSS or Really Simple Syndication feed is like the telegram of the online world! With the help of RSS feed, online users can subscribe for content updates on their favorite websites or blogs. The idea of RSS feed is to ensure that interested audiences are always kept in the loop and are engaged with content alerts, etc.
404-Error – Broken Links 00:15:00
The 404-error message is called so because when the web servers do not find a web page, it sends an error code of 404.
Geo TaggingFREE 00:10:00
With the help of geo tagging, websites can offer users location-specific information like office address, nearest available stores, etc. Geo tagging is done by code automatically generated from
Text to HTML Ratio 00:15:00
In a website, there is the back end and the front end. The back end is the coding section of the website and the front end is what is visible on the web page. The coding section is usually HTML. There is a ratio that needs to be maintained between the text on the web page and the HTML coding corresponding to the same page. That is the text to HTML ratio
Mobile Responsiveness 00:07:00
Mobile responsiveness & mobile friendly checker tool
Boilerplate Content & Cornerstone content 00:10:00
Learn more about what is called a boiler-plate content and corner-stone content.
Various SEO Audit Tools 00:30:00
Various SEO audit tools
SEO Glossary 00:30:00
A Complete Glossary of Essential SEO Jargon
Off-page SEO and Popularity building
Types of Links 00:20:00
The stronger the linking network of a website, the more pronounced is its presence online. Search engine algorithms place a lot of value on how robust a linking network is and ranks a website accordingly.
NoFollow, DoFollow Links and PageRank 00:35:00
A website that is closely linked to other associated and relevant websites will have more credibility in the eyes, or rather algorithms, of Google
Anchor Text and Natural Link Profile 00:25:00
To put it simply, anchor text is the set of words or phrases on which a hyperlink is embedded. It can be a keyword or simply a phrase that links to a relevant and pertinent page.
Link Pyramid & Link Wheel 00:10:00
Learn what is link pyramid and link wheel
Link Building Best Practices, PA and DA 00:20:00
As obvious from discussions about link building, it is a major tool for an SEO professional. However, just like any other digital marketing weapon, link building also comes with some best practices and guidelines. These are necessary to stay in the good books of Google and ensure that spammers do not have a field day online. The motto of effective link building centers around three keywords: quality, relevance and freshness.
How to Find Relevant Sites for Backlinks 01:00:00
Google pays a lot of attention and credibility on a web page that has backlinks. Such web pages get additional benefit during SERP indexing. However, the catch is that these backlinks must be relevant to the information on the web page it leads to.
FFA / MFA Sites 00:10:00
FFA stands for Free For All. These are websites that have a list of websites that are open to advertising online. MFA stands for Made for Adsense.
SEO Don’ts (Black-hat Techniques) 00:20:00
SEO is one field where the bad can mix in seamlessly with the good. That is, of course, to a certain extent. In the modern day SEO, search engines are coming up with sophisticated tools and algorithms to quickly detect SEO efforts that are playing in dangerous waters. The websites are likely to be hauled up and penalized.
Starter Guide for SEO by Google 02:00:00
SEO starter guide book by Google
SEO for beginners Handbook by SEJ 02:00:00
SEO for beginners Handbook by SEJ
Local SEO
Google Local SEO & Map Listing 00:15:00
Google local SEO, Local Search & Map listing
Google Local Reviews Policy Guidelines 00:10:00
How to get and protect genuine Google local reviews for your google places listing
Ecommerce SEO
ECommerce SEO 00:30:00
Ecommerce SEO tips
5 Tips to optimize Ecommerce product detail page 00:10:00
5 Tips to optimize Ecommerce product detail page
Google Search Console
Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) or Search Console 01:30:00
To make more sense of the data and statistics about a website, Google has designed and developed Google Webmaster Tools. This is a toolbox for the webmasters of websites. They can get all the information they want about a website
Top 3 ways to combat Google Penalty 00:15:00
Top 3 ways to combat Google penalty
Content Marketing
The Anatomy of Content Marketing 00:15:00
The anatomy of content marketing
The State of Content Marketing 00:15:00
Learn about the latest state of content marketing
The Path to Content Marketing 00:15:00
Learn the paths to content marketing
Where and how to do content marketing 00:20:00
Where and how to do the content marketing
How to grow your business using content marketing 00:15:00
Learn how to grow your business using content marketing
How to get killer content ideas 00:15:00
How to get killer content ideas
21 Rules of Content Marketing 00:15:00
21 new rules of content marketing
The Content Grid 00:20:00
The content marketing grid!
Secrets of Killer Blog Posts 00:20:00
Learn the secrets of killer blog post writing
Google Adwords/PPC
What is Adwords 00:10:00
Learn more about Google adwords
Definition of PPC/CPC & PPA/CPA, Enhanced CPC 00:25:00
PPC or Pay per Click is an advertising channel that is used to bring in traffic to a website. These online visitors have the potential to convert into consumers. The PPC model works in tandem with Google AdWords, the online advertising wing of Google. With PPC, business owners are able to bid for keywords that their target consumers are using to search on search engines.
Types of Ad Networks: Search, Display, Shopping, Video, Mobile 00:25:00
To kick start an online advertising campaign, you have to choose a campaign type and subtype. The campaign type will determine where your advertisement is going to appear on Google’s network. The subtype will decide the settings of the ad and other options on the table. The use of these choices will enable you to customize your online ads to target specific consumer groups and leverage maximum benefit from them.
Image Ad Types 00:07:00
Type of various image ads in adwords
Bidding 00:25:00
Concept of bidding and various bidding strategies.
Quality Score 00:20:00
Google AdWords measures the relevancy and usefulness of an ad and its landing page through a Quality Score on a 10-point scale. Measured on a scale of 1 to 10, AdWords tells you how relevant your ad is for a customer who is looking for a product or service related to the keyword(s) used in the ad. It is possible for you to measure the Quality Score of any keyword that you use.
Adwords Keywords 00:25:00
Types of adwords keywords.
Broad Match Modifier 00:10:00
What is broad match modifier and how to set it up?
Ad Group & Ad Copy 00:25:00
An ad copy has the same functions online as it has offline. Its job is to highlight the USP of a brand and inform viewers about features, offers and promotional material, etc. The basic requirement of an ad copy is that it should be eye-catching and attractive. People must feel enticed to read the ad and make a click. Moreover, the ad copy must be relevant and specific.
Ad Extension 00:20:00
an ad extension is additional information provided on an ad copy by the digital marketer. This additional information can be in the form of a phone number, email id or other coordinates.
Remarketing 00:25:00
Simply put, remarketing is trying to engage a potential buyer again after your first attempt failed to yield results for whatever reason. Remarketing will help you to reach across to online visitors who have visited your website or downloaded and used an app.
Automation Rules 00:15:00
Dimensions 00:20:00
The Dimensions tab in Google AdWords helps to bring all the different dimensions of an ad campaign on a single interface. AdWords subscribers can quickly check through all the data on various viewpoints without having to glean the data from multiple sources.
Conversion Tracking 00:25:00
A conversion is a process that changes the status of an online user into a potential customer. When an online visitor shows an interest in your brand or business by clicking on web links or subscribing to your newsletter or better buying a product or service, it is termed as conversion. The casual online visitor converts into a potential online lead.
Adwords Reports & Optimization 00:15:00
Adwords reports & optimization tips
Adwords Policy 00:15:00
Various adwords policies
Adwords Help Center 00:10:00
Adwords help center and study resources
How to create a search network only PPC campaign 00:30:00
Step by step guide to create a search network only Google Adwords PPC campaign
Adwords Search Ads – Concept Excel Sheet 00:30:00
Get this handy excel sheet for the key concept in brief for Google adwords search network ads.
How to create a display network only campaign 00:30:00
How to create display network only ads (GDN)
How to create video ad campaigns 00:15:00
How to create a video ad campaign in Google adwords
Google adwords new interface with 7 exclusive new features 00:15:00
Google Call Only Ad Campaign Setup & Conversion Tracking [New Google Ads Interface] 00:21:00
Google Call only ad campaign setup & call conversion tracking setup - live example in Google ads new interface.
How to setup shopping ad campaign (With New Google Ads interface) 00:20:00
How to setup Google shopping ad campaigns
Youtube TrueView Action Form Ads 00:45:00
How to create Gmail Ads? 00:10:00
Learn how to create gmail ads in google adwords
Dynamic Search Ads 00:10:00
Learn how to create dynamic search ads
Adwords Screenshots 00:30:00
Various screenshots for Google adwords dashboards and more for your ready reference.
What is Free Clicks in Adwords? 00:10:00
Learn what is called Free clicks when you see in the dimension tab of adwords
Measuring performance in Search network Ads 00:20:00
How to measure search network ad performance
Measuring Display Ad performance 00:20:00
How to measure display ad performance
Measure Video Ad Performance 00:20:00
How to measure video ad performance
Non-skippable Video Ads 00:10:00
Monitor & Optimize Your Shopping Campaign 00:30:00
Learn how to monitor & optimize shopping campaign
Analytics and AdWords 00:20:00
Webmasters can derive maximum benefit by linking their Google Analytics account with AdWords. It will then be possible for them to track data about traffic or online sales that result from AdWords.
Universal App Campaigns: What are They, Best Practices & Setup 00:30:00
Other Media Buying Techniques 00:15:00
Any form of purchasing ad spaces can be termed as media buying. It can be online as well as offline.
Useful Third Party Resources on SEM 06:40:00
Useful third party resources and videos about SEM (search engine marketing)
Solved Question Answers for Adwords Fundamental 01:00:00
106 Questions You Need to Know for the Google AdWords Fundamentals Certification Exam
Solved Question Answers for Adwords Advanced Display Ads 01:00:00
88 Questions You Need to Know for the Google AdWords Advanced Display Exam
Google Adwords Exam Study Materials 04:00:00
Study material directly from Google for Adwords certification exam.
Google Adwords Exam Guide & Links 02:00:00
Google Adwords Certification Study Materials
Social Media Marketing
What is Social Media Marketing 00:30:00
Social media marketing, to put it simply, is the use of these social media networks for the purpose of online marketing. Products and services are promoted on these networks for the users who are registered there. There is a division of online marketing that is dedicated to promoting, branding and selling commodities through these social media networks. The requirements of this marketing domain is different from the others.
Social KPI and Engagement Metrics 00:40:00
KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. On the surface, social media marketing may look vague and the results may seem intangible. For example, a key purpose of social networking for brands is to create brand awareness. There is no single metric or indicator that you can apply and measure awareness. There has to be a combination of more than metrics that will help you understand how much awareness your brand is able to create.
Types of Social Media Marketing 00:30:00
Here are the different types of social media marketing
Social and Brand Building Guidelines 00:40:00
Just like any other form of media, social networks can become vehicles of brand building exercises. However, just like it was mentioned in the earlier module, social media has its own set of guidelines that every brand has to follow. It offers certain advantages that no other form of media can, but brands have to use these judiciously. Social media networks can be reactionary.
Best Practices for Social Media Marketing 00:20:00
Social media networks have that edge to give brands and companies an opportunity to establish relationships with the customer. However, social media networks require some best practices. Without these, brands will fall foul not just for the users of these networks but also against the rules of the platforms.
Cross Platform Integration, Social Logins, etc 00:40:00
There are many tools available online that allow brands to correlate between social networks and bring them all under one umbrella. The advantage for brands is that through this method, they will be able to keep track of different social profiles and gain leverage from all of them. For example, a piece of content may not get much viewership on Facebook but it may become a rage on Twitter. It is very difficult to predict what will work on social media. The same is true for what will go ‘viral’. There is no formula and that makes it necessary that brands have all their fingers in different pies. That is where cross platform integration becomes so important for social media marketing.
Software Used in Social Media Marketing 00:22:00
social media marketing is a vast field. It is difficult and even impossible to track and develop this field manually. You need the help of software and automations to take care of this work. It will save time and effort and enable you to get the right stats for your consideration. Some of the software are free while the others are paid, some even quite expensive. It is the decision of the social media marketer to pick whichever software they want.
Sharing Avalanche of Social Media 00:30:00
Sharing avalanche of social media
100 Killer Ideas for your Social Media Content 00:30:00
Facebook Profile 00:15:00
Some important discussions about Facebook profile
All About Facebook Ads 00:45:00
Facebook Marketing: Use of Positive & Negative Emotion Words 00:20:00
Facebook Marketing: Use of Positive & Negative Emotion Words (Infographic)
Facebook Blueprint Certification 01:00:00
FACEBOOK BLUEPRINT - The tools you need to learn how Facebook can help grow your business
Get the most out of Twitter 00:20:00
How to get the most out of Twitter
Social Media Marketing Handbook by SEJ 02:00:00
Social Media Marketing Handbook by Search Engine Journal
Email Marketing
Email Marketing – Complete Guide, Definition & Types 00:45:00
Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of reaching out to potential and existing customers. With the help of database programmers, it is possible for email marketers to segregate email subscribers according to demographics and other information.
CAN SPAM Act and Email List 00:10:00
CAN-SPAM Act stands for Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing. This was passed in the year 2003. This Act stops marketers from sending any marketing or promotional material through emails or other forms of messages. A receiver has the right to stop brands or businesses from sending those emails.
Subject and Body of an Email campaign 00:15:00
The subject line of an email is crucial in email marketing. A user receives several emails from businesses and brands on a daily basis. It is not even possible for the person to open many of them, let alone read them. Opening an email is important for an email marketer because if the emails are not opened, the content, no matter how well-written or designed it is, remains unseen and ineffective.
Email Click Rate and Bounce Rate 00:10:00
Email marketers send emails to potential customers and other users with a purpose. It is usually the desire to engage people into clicking on the links provided in the email and visit the landing page of the business or brand.
Email Spam and Abuse 00:10:00
Email marketing, just like any other form of marketing, is not free from the vice of spam and abuse. Email marketers often go overboard in trying to reach potential customers. They violate the rules of the CAN-SPAM Act. As a result, they are pulled up for penalties. Internet service providers or ISPs block some email marketers and their email ids so that they are not able to send bulk emails.
Email blacklist, whitelist, opt-in and UTM tracking 00:10:00
A black list is a database of IP addresses that are known to violate the norms of the CAN-SPAM Act. These addresses are regularly used to send spam emails in large bulks.
Email Campaign Delivery Checklist 00:10:00
The checklist before delivering an email campaign
Bulk SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing 00:20:00
Marketing with bulk text messages is called SMS Marketing. These text messages are delivered to the inbox of the receiver’s mobile phones.
SMS Marketing- Type, Sender ID, DND/Non DND and more 00:15:00
Bulk messages can be of two types: promotional and transactional.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics – What to do and what to get? 00:20:00
Google Analytics is the tool that provides data and statistics about websites and the internet in general. To have access to the information, one needs a Google account. The data gleaned from Google Analytics is used by internet marketers, including Search Engine Optimization professionals, to develop online marketing strategies and branding. The information is available free through a Google account.
Analytics Tracking Code 00:10:00
With the use of a basic web page tracking code, you will be able to measure data about your website through Google Analytics. After you install the tracking code through the following steps, it usually takes about a day for the data to show up on Analytics.
Analytics Goal Setup 00:15:00
Goal in Analytics mean the same as it does in everything else. It refers to the objectives of a website or mobile app. Online marketers set up a Goal on Analytics to find out how well their website or mobile app has satisfied or met the desired objectives. The objectives can be varied. It can be a sale, a subscription to a newsletter or even completing the level of a mobile app game.
Analytics Funnel View 00:15:00
Google Analytics provides you with tools to study and collect data throughout the entire duration of a sales process. Once a customer enters the ambit of the marketing funnel, Analytics is able to report every step of the way. This data helps you to understand how the user moves forward or leaves through one of the leaks in the funnel.
Analytics Ecommerce tracking and WordPress plugin 00:15:00
With the help of plugins from Analytics, webmasters are able to track user information. For popular platforms for ecommerce sites like WordPress, there are a number of plugin options available. With this information, ecommerce site owners are about to strategize and improve their revenues. They are also able to study user psychology, even buying patterns.
How to Check Analytics and Derive Custom Report 00:10:00
A custom report is prepared with the dimensions that you require. It is in a personalized format. You have to liberty to pick and choose the parameters that you want to measure.
Google Analytics – Explanation Excel Sheet 00:30:00
Get this handy excel sheet for a brief reference about key terms in analytics.
Solved Question Answer for Analytics 01:00:00
72 Questions You Need to Know for the Google Analytics IQ Exam
Mobile Marketing
Introduction to mobile marketing 00:15:00
Mobile App Marketing & ASO 00:20:00
Mobile apps are the next big digital marketing platform. More ecommerce ventures are realizing that mobile apps present a better marketing platform for products and services than even websites. Roughly speaking, the use of mobile apps to promote and sell products and services is called mobile app marketing.
PDF Handbook of App Store Optimization – By Neil Patel 00:30:00
Mobile app development tools 00:25:00
It is not possible for smaller brands and startups to invest heavily in developing mobile apps. To facilitate the designing and development of mobile apps, there are a number of free tools and platforms available online. These tools work mainly in the cloud-based system, enabling app developers to work online and not be worried about having too much of technical knowledge or knowhow.
Website Planning & Creation
How to select domain names 00:10:00
How to select domain names
Domain Control Panel 00:15:00
What is a domain control panel?
Anatomy of Cpanel, Web Hosting and Types 00:30:00
The purpose of developing a website is to allow online viewers to view it. That can be done when you store your website files and folders in computers that are known as web servers. These servers hold numerous websites. When a user searches for a website contained in the server, the internet connects to the server and pulls out the corresponding website.
Filezilla & FTP Concept 00:20:00
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Since the start of the internet, it has been used to transfer data from one end to another.
Softaculous Auto Script and about CMS – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento 00:25:00
CMS stands for Content Management System. Simply put, as the name suggests, it is a system that helps you manage the content of a website. There are two components of CMS: Content Management Application or CMA and Content Delivery Application of CDA.
WordPress Theme and Backend 00:20:00
WordPress is the frontrunner in content management systems mainly because it is easy to develop blogs and websites that are vibrant and attractive. Themes play a major role in controlling the general visual appeal of a web page. This is a department where WordPress scores over others, mainly because it has a varied number of themes and layouts.
WordPress Maintenance and Security 00:20:00
It is a wrong approach to consider maintenance of WordPress as a burden. This work is as important as developing a WordPress page in the first place. Without proper maintenance, all the hard work that you put into developing the page will be undone. Pages are liable to get slow, attract spam and get into glitches and bugs with use. There may be a wide range of files and folders that have crept into your WordPress page without being called for. All of these issues can be kept at bay if you regularly maintain your WordPress page.
Web Design and Content best practices 00:40:00
WordPress designing is one area where web designers have an opportunity to create a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind. WordPress offers many themes, both default and custom made. With the help of these themes, web designers can come up with a web page or blog that is beneficial for the brand or business.
Ecommerce concept 00:30:00
Ecommerce stands for all kinds of business transactions conducted over the internet. With the internet bringing manufacturers, sellers and buyers on the same page in an inexpensive and convenient manner, they can hold a business transaction online.
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing 00:25:00
Affiliate marketing is engaging the marketing machinery of a company or brand to sell products and services. It is a performance driven marketing model, where the company gets affiliates on board to sell its products. These affiliates use their own marketing platform and tools like SEO, content marketing, social networking, PPC, even display advertising to sell products. The hiring company which brings the affiliates on board pays on the basis of customers achieved in the process. For every sale made by the affiliate model, both the companies engaged earn and share the profit.
Affiliate Marketing – Platforms, Best Practices, Link Cloaking and more 00:30:00
Like it was mentioned in the earlier module, a platform is where affiliate marketers meet merchants and vice versa. Some popular affiliate marketing platforms enable both parties to find marketing partners. Two of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms are and
Online Reputation Management 00:20:00
Learn more about online reputation management (ORM)
Lead Generation
Lead Generation & Growth Hacking 00:30:00
Lead generation & Growth hacking tips
Earning Money Online
Best ways to earn money online 01:00:00
Best ways to earn money online!
Content Writing
Function & Purpose of a website 00:10:00
Function and purpose of a website
Decoding Reader’s Psychology 00:10:00
How to decode reader's psychology
Goal of a website – Writer’s contribution 00:10:00
Goal of a website
Writing a compelling web page 00:10:00
How to write a compelling webpage
War of Words: Web Writer’s Choice 00:10:00
War of Words: Web Writer’s Choice
Building up web page content 00:10:00
Learn tips to build up a web page content
Writing Headlines that matter 00:15:00
How to write headlines that matter!
The ABC of bullet points 00:15:00
Learn the ABC of bullet points
Tips to write magnetic content 00:10:00
Tips to write magnetic content
Improve creativity in web content writing 00:10:00
Improve creativity in web content writing
Role of keywords in web content writing 00:05:00
Role of keywords in web content writing
Use of keywords in content heading 00:05:00
Use of keywords in content headings
Relevance of keyword density in web content 00:05:00
Relevance of keyword density in content writing
Become a more productive content writer 00:05:00
Become a more productive content writer
A writer’s identity – Unique Voice 00:10:00
A writer's identity is unique voice.
Web Writer’s Friend – Twitter 00:05:00
A web writer's friend - Twitter
How to create compelling content- By Brian Clark – Founder of Copyblogger 00:30:00
How to create compelling content- By Brian Clark - Founder of Copyblogger
Effective Newsletter Writing
Why newsletters? 00:10:00
Why you need to write newsletters?
What readers look for in your newsletter? 00:10:00
What readers look for in your newsletter?
Subject line to increase open rates in newsletter 00:10:00
Subject lines to increase open rate in newsletter
Get more CTR on your newsletter 00:05:00
Get more CTR on your newsletter
Make your newsletter personal 00:05:00
Make your newsletter personal
Newsletter writing mistakes 00:05:00
Newsletter writing mistakes
Tips to write engaging newsletter content 00:05:00
tips to write engaging newsletter
Anchor text secrets of newsletter 00:05:00
Anchor text secrets of newsletter
Make your newsletter readers curious 00:05:00
Make your newsletter readers curious
Touch-base with your newsletter readers 00:05:00
Touch-base with your newsletter readers
Writing inspirational newsletter 00:05:00
Writing inspirational newsletters
Email Newsletters 101 by Michael Griffin 02:00:00
Email Newsletters 101 by Michael Griffin
Video Marketing
Video Marketing 00:15:00
Video marketing fundamentals
Add Ons
Misc. VideosFREE 00:45:00
How to use Google search like a Pro 00:20:00
Searching with regular sentences will only get you so far – if you need to find something a bit tricky turn to these advanced yet simple methods
How Search Works in 2016 and thereafter… 00:20:00
How Do Search Engines Like Google & Bing Work in 2016?
Killer SEO Checklist [Infographic] 00:30:00
Killer SEO checklist with 75 actionable items.
Bulk Location upload via Google Places or Google Local 00:25:00
Learn how to add multiple locations in Google maps and Google local search listings
More Local SEO Tips 02:00:00
More details and tips about local SEO.
What is Keyword cannibalization 00:15:00
How to avoid or solve keyword cannibalization problems?
Facebook Post Samples & Ideas 00:20:00
Some social media image post samples
Digital Marketing – Brief Steps & Simple Blueprint 00:15:00
Simple & Brief steps of a digital marketing blueprint
SEO for Multi-Lingual Websites 00:30:00
What to consider while creating Robots.txt file for ecommerce sites 00:15:00
Learn what's important while creating ecommerce SEO
SEO Checklist for New Websites – Useful Third Party Resource 00:18:00
SEO Checklist for New Websites
120 Adwords Scripts to supercharge your PPC campaign 01:00:00
Insights & Books directly from Google 10:00:00
Reports & Templates
Sample Report & Template Formats 01:00:00
A few sample report and template formats for your reference
Live Webinars by Debajyoti Banerjee
Live Sessions and Webinars by Debajyoti Banerjee 03:00:00
Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing and Webinar on digital marketing
Free Webinars on Digital Marketing by Debajyoti BanerjeeFREE 03:00:00
Free Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, meeting recordings and Webinars on Digital Marketing
Case Studies
Case Studies 01:00:00
Practical Live Projects & Challenges
Practical Live Project Assignments & Challenges 02:00:00
Evaluation Test
SEO Quiz 00:30:00
The Adwords Quiz 01:00:00
Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation 00:10:00
Marketing automation is a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.
Online Bidding
Online Bidding – How to write a good proposal 00:00:00
Online bidding – How to bid in Upwork 00:00:00
Online Bidding – Few winning tips 00:00:00
Online bidding – few good resources 00:00:00
New uploads
Social Media Marketing Plan: How toFREE 00:04:00
Social Media Content idea generationFREE 00:04:00
Industry based hashtags and how to find themFREE 00:03:00
Hash TagsFREE 00:02:00
Right number of hashtags for your Facebook postFREE 00:03:00
Social Media Marketing – Goals & ObjectivesFREE 00:04:00
2 Most Important Things That You Should Know For Social Media and SEO 00:10:00
Social media audit 00:20:00
Add pages to watch on Facebook 00:05:00
Beat Algorithm Issues on Facebook With These Tips 00:05:00
Best Social Media Platform When Target Group is Female 00:03:00
Check Insights-of Facebook Page – Pageviews 00:05:00
Create Brand Page on Google Plus 00:05:00
How Many Characters are Right For Facebook Post 00:05:00
How to bookmark a page on Diigo 00:05:00
How to bookmark on stumbleupon 00:05:00
How to change Facebook Page Layout 00:05:00
How to create company page on LinkedIn 00:05:00
How to create fb brand page 00:05:00
How to create perfect post for Fb 00:05:00
How to Create Twitter Profile 00:05:00
How to 00:05:00
How to Set Preferred page audience for brand page – Facebook 00:05:00
Selecting Audience For Facebook Post 00:05:00
FB Message Reply & Auto Responder 00:05:00
Social Media Content Research 00:10:00
Keyword Ranking Report 00:05:00
Keywords Ranking 00:05:00
Social Bookmarking 00:10:00
On-Page Optimization of Blog Hotel Coral 00:15:00
Setting up Sitemap.xml through Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress 00:05:00
Google Analytics Audience Overview 00:10:00
Google Analytics Tracking Code Installation in WordPress 00:10:00
AdWords Campaign Report 00:05:00
Website Audit – 1 00:05:00
Website Audit – 2 00:16:00
Facebook Lead Generation Ad 00:30:00
Upload product in Facebook Shopping Section 00:15:00
Social Media Content Calendar 00:10:00
Social Creatives Designing 00:05:00
What to post on social media – basic content ideas 00:05:00
Instagram Shadowban 00:05:00
Pricing in Marketing 00:05:00
LSI Keywords 00:05:00
How to transfer wordpress from sub folder to root folder under same domain 00:15:00
The AIDA Model 00:10:00
New product development 00:10:00
Positioning 00:10:00
Product Strategy Planning 00:10:00
Personal Selling 00:10:00
Steps in communication process 00:05:00
Interactive content in digital marketing 00:15:00
Black Hat SEO 00:05:00
Forum Posting 00:05:00
Page ranking 00:05:00
Personal Branding 00:10:00
Ranking Algorithm 00:05:00
Search Engines 00:05:00
User Generated Content 00:05:00
Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing 00:15:00
Gamification & Digital Marketing 00:15:00
Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns – Google Adwords 00:45:00
Social Media Overview 00:15:00
Facebook Overview 00:05:00
Facebook Best Practices 00:10:00
How to make your Facebook Page? 00:10:00
LinkedIn Overview 00:10:00
LinkedIn best practices 00:10:00
Instagram Overview 00:05:00
Instagram best practices 00:10:00
Twitter overview 00:10:00
Twitter best practices 00:10:00
Facebook Pixel 00:20:00
Youtube overview 00:10:00
Youtube Best Practices 00:10:00
Youtube hacks and tricks 00:15:00
Google+ 00:10:00
Retargeting 00:10:00
How to generate leads from Facebook – A handbook 01:00:00
Lead generation guidebook for Pro users 01:00:00
Online lead generation handbook for beginners 00:30:00
Google webmasters guidebook 01:30:00
Google analytics guidebook 00:30:00
Overdelivery in Google Adwords 00:10:00
How to write SEO meta tags for non wordpress websites (HTML/PHP) 00:10:00
How to setup Facebook Base Pixel & Event pixel for lead conversion tracking 00:10:00
step by step guide to install Facebook conversion tracking ad (lead) with base pixel code and event pixel code
How to create a Bumper Video Ad campaign 00:15:00
Black hat SEO – Complete Guide 00:30:00
How to create custom look-alike audience in Facebook ads 00:10:00
Learn how to create custom look-alike audience for your facebook ads for better campaign targeting and better ROI.
Adwords new updates May 2018 00:30:00
New updates in Google adwords as on May 2018
Introduction to Google Data Studio 00:30:00
Facebook image dimensions cheat-sheet 00:20:00
Story Triangle Theory for Facebook Ads 00:10:00
How to add billing in Facebook Ad manager 00:05:00
Guide to Voice Search 01:00:00
PDF guidebook by Neil Patel
Facebook Retargeting Ads 01:00:00
Twitter Ads 00:45:00
LinkedIn Ads 00:30:00
What is cross domain measurement in analytics? 00:15:00
Proximity Marketing through Beacon Technology 00:10:00
Landing Page, Cornerstone Pages & Digital Lead FunnelFREE 01:10:00
Landing page, Cornerstone pages, Landing page guidelines, Lead magnets, CX - Customer Experience / Customer Journey - CJ, Lead funnels
Content Strategy in Digital MarketingFREE 01:25:00
POP, POD and forming value proposition statement, AIDA model, E3 model, Inverted pyramid approach , Story triangle theory , Clickbait and linkbait , Hybrid content , Influencer content strategy , Interactive content , Content siloing , breadcrumb and sectional content, Shareability factors
How to build effective digital lead magnets & lead funnels?FREE 00:40:00
What is lead magnet? What is lead funnel? What is squeeze page, lead page, sales page or landing page? Acquisition lead funnel & Retention lead funnel Content, acquisition & monetization strategies Examples & Tools
Refer & Earn
Refer & EarnFREE 00:03:00
Books & References
Study Books & References 00:05:00
Study books and reference books for Digital Marketing.

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