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Free SEO Certification course & hands-on practical SEO training. Most effective SEO techniques. On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Google Search console, Analytics & more. The Beginner’s Quick Guide to SEO. This Free Search Engine Optimization training course contains 7+ hours of very In-depth Video walk-through modules with proven techniques, lots of practical examples / live projects / case studies, 25+ resources, 200+ pages SEO Ebook and assignments. A Carefully crafted SEO course covering latest SEO 2018 trends, techniques & hands-on SEO tips from an experienced & successful entrepreneur. Absolutely Free. (Worth Rs.4999/-)

Seven Boats Academy’s Free SEO Course

Step-by-Step comprehensive guide to master Search Engine Optimization with walk-through examples & assignments. Sign in to access our Free SEO course today. Unlimited access.

Dear All,

Welcome to Seven Boats Academy, a division of Seven Boats Info-System Pvt. Ltd, Recognized by Government Of India / Ministry of Commerce and Industry  under Startup India. ​Seven boats is ranked among Top 50 Digital Marketing Training providers in India by SiliconIndia & Digital Monster Magazine. Among Top 3 Digital Marketing Institutes in Kolkata. Take advantage of learning from one of the 3 top most digital marketing companies of Kolkata.

We have tailor-made this SEO CERTIFICATION course for you to give professional insights to the trade secrets of SEO absolutely FREE. With this course you are going to get

  • Professional in-depth knowledge on SEO
  • Hands-on practical assignments
  • Quizzes & SEO Exam
  • Lot of SEO tricks & tips
  • And SEO CERTIFICATE for free!

You will also be able to download & share certificate to show your credential !

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Sample SEO Certificate from Seven Boats Academy

Free SEO certification course certificate from Seven Boats Academy


Seven Boats Academy is a premier digital marketing institute in India and this Free Online SEO course is among the best seo courses available in market for free. This course is also globally acclaimed by 32,000+ students via Udemy & other platforms with 1000+ positive reviews.

Course Curriculum

SEO Fundamentals
Course Instruction for Free SEO Certification 00:05:00
Search Engines 00:05:00
SEO 00:15:00
SEO is officially the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process by which online brands and information centers ensure that their websites are visible to users, who search in search engines like Google with some words. These words are known as keywords or key phrases.
How Search Engines read a website? 00:25:00
There is a distinct difference between how a human user looks at a website and how search engine crawlers see it. While human users find visuals like pictures and animation videos eye-grabbing, these mean little to search engine crawlers.
Assignment: No. of indexed pages 30, 00:00
Latent Semantic Indexing 00:20:00
On a skeletal level, LSI checks for synonyms in your content that match with the title and Meta description of your web page.
Assignment: LSI 30, 00:00
Anatomy of a SERP 00:40:00
When a user keys in some words in a search box, the search engine throws up some results corresponding to those words. The words used, as you know, are called keywords. The page on which these search results are displayed is known as Search Engine Result Page or SERP.
Assignment: Search Volume 30, 00:00
Ranking Algorithm 00:05:00
Page ranking 00:05:00
Landing Page Guidelines FREE 00:20:00
Landing pages are where a user reaches after clicking on an online ad or web link. It can be a Services web page or a Contact page, depending upon the choice of the online marketer.
Assignment: Landing Page Optimization 30, 00:00
Keyword Research
Keyword Research 00:45:00
Keyword research is the backbone of every SEO initiative. Getting hold of the right set of keywords can take your website to the dizzying heights of success
Assignment: Keyword Analysis 30, 00:00
Assignment: Keyword Research 30, 00:00
LSI Keywords 00:05:00
Keyword Research Case study
Keywords Ranking 00:05:00
Keyword Ranking Report 00:05:00
Competition Research
Competition Analysis 00:35:00
In the field of SEO, competition plays a vital role in deciding the strategy and future plans of your own team
Assignment: Competitor Analysis 30, 00:00
On-page SEO
SEO Title Tags 00:15:00
The use of title tags enhances the SEO optimization of a web page. You can find title tags at the top of the internet browser page that you are using. Title tags carry out two functions, validating its name. As a title, it gives every user an idea about the content of the web page. As a tag, it gives search engine crawlers an idea about the content of the web page.
Assignment: Title & Meta Description 30, 00:00
Meta Description 00:15:00
When online users search for something online, be it on Google or any other search engine, they find some results listed on their screen. Along with each result, there is a one or two line description of the web page listed. This description is usually the reason why an online user clicks on the web link provided and visits that page.
Assignment: Title & Meta Description 30, 00:00
Meta Keywords 00:15:00
Meta keywords are found on the HTML version of a web page. They are comma-separated keywords that are relevant to the content of that particular web page. It must be mentioned at the very start that meta keywords are not that important in the context of SEO on Google. However, meta keywords still hold importance and relevance in other search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Meta keywords are like an embellishment that you add to your web page to stay ahead of the competition curve.
Assignment: Meta Keywords 30, 00:00
SEO Permalink Structure 00:15:00
The URL that you find in your browser tab for a particular web page is often its permalink. Permalink is a joined word comprising ‘permanent’ and ‘link’ or a web link that is permanent and does not change under any circumstances. Permalinks are necessary to ensure that the address of a page is not variable.
Assignment: Permalink 30, 00:00
Heading Tags – H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 00:10:00
Learn about SEO heading tags - H1 to H6. How to rightly use them in your page content.
Assignment: Heading tags 30, 00:00
Image ALT Tags FREE 00:15:00
Did you know that the beautiful images on the website are worth nothing to search engine crawlers? Human users may see the images but for the search engine crawlers, it is just a blank area on the page. The smart way would be to optimize this seemingly blank area to the search engines. It can be done through image ALT tags.
Keyword Density & Consistency 00:25:00
To put is very simply, the keyword density of your content page is the percentage of the number of keywords as opposed to the total number of words on the page. For example, if your keyword appears 2 times in a content page worth 100 words, your keyword density is 2%.
Assignment: Keyword Density 30, 00:00
SEO Content writing style 00:10:00
Learn about SEO content writing styles
Assignment: Content Writing 30, 00:00
Contextual Internal & External Links 00:25:00
Internet marketers should make use of anchor texts in order to get online users to click on links and visit different web pages
Assignment: Contextual Links 30, 00:00
On-page SEO for a Self-Hosted WordPress Web page 00:35:00
Step by step guide how to do on-page SEO for a self hosted wordpress website's page.
Assignment: On Page SEO 30, 00:00
How to write SEO meta tags for non wordpress websites (HTML/PHP) 00:10:00
Off-page SEO
Types of Links 00:20:00
The stronger the linking network of a website, the more pronounced is its presence online. Search engine algorithms place a lot of value on how robust a linking network is and ranks a website accordingly.
NoFollow, DoFollow Links and PageRank 00:35:00
A website that is closely linked to other associated and relevant websites will have more credibility in the eyes, or rather algorithms, of Google
Anchor Text and Natural Link Profile 00:25:00
To put it simply, anchor text is the set of words or phrases on which a hyperlink is embedded. It can be a keyword or simply a phrase that links to a relevant and pertinent page.
Link Building Best Practices, PA and DA 00:20:00
As obvious from discussions about link building, it is a major tool for an SEO professional. However, just like any other digital marketing weapon, link building also comes with some best practices and guidelines. These are necessary to stay in the good books of Google and ensure that spammers do not have a field day online. The motto of effective link building centers around three keywords: quality, relevance and freshness.
Assignment: Link Building 30, 00:00
How to Find Relevant Sites for Backlinks 01:00:00
Google pays a lot of attention and credibility on a web page that has backlinks. Such web pages get additional benefit during SERP indexing. However, the catch is that these backlinks must be relevant to the information on the web page it leads to.
Assignment: Backlink 30, 00:00
Forum Posting 00:05:00
Black Hat SEO 00:05:00
SEO Guidebooks
Starter Guide for SEO by Google 02:00:00
SEO starter guide book by Google
SEO Guidebooks from Seven Boats Academy 01:30:00
Site Audit Case studies
Website Audit – 1 00:05:00
Website Audit – 2 00:16:00
Live On-page SEO case study
On-Page Optimization of Blog Hotel Coral 00:15:00
Google Search Console
Google webmasters guidebook 01:30:00
Google Analytics
Google analytics guidebook 00:30:00
Best Free SEO Tools
A to Z Free SEO Tools & Digital Marketing Tools 00:10:00
Upgrade to Advanced Digital Marketing Pro Courses
Upgrade to our PRO Courses 00:05:00
Refer & Earn
Refer & Earn FREE 00:03:00
Seven Boats Advanced SEO Course from Udemy (100% Free)
Seven Boats Free Advanced SEO Course from Udemy 00:15:00
9 hours on-demand video. Full lifetime access. Udemy certification. 49 downloadable resources Assignments.
SEO Exam & e-Certification
SEO Exam 00:45:00
New Uploads
Social Media Marketing Plan: How to FREE 00:04:00
Social Media Content idea generation FREE 00:04:00
Landing Page, Cornerstone Pages & Digital Lead Funnel FREE 01:10:00
Landing page, Cornerstone pages, Landing page guidelines, Lead magnets, CX - Customer Experience / Customer Journey - CJ, Lead funnels
Content Strategy in Digital Marketing FREE 01:25:00
POP, POD and forming value proposition statement, AIDA model, E3 model, Inverted pyramid approach , Story triangle theory , Clickbait and linkbait , Hybrid content , Influencer content strategy , Interactive content , Content siloing , breadcrumb and sectional content, Shareability factors
How to build effective digital lead magnets & lead funnels? FREE 00:40:00
What is lead magnet? What is lead funnel? What is squeeze page, lead page, sales page or landing page? Acquisition lead funnel & Retention lead funnel Content, acquisition & monetization strategies Examples & Tools
Misc. Videos FREE 00:45:00
SEO Tutorials – Useful Readings FREE 00:15:00
10+ Most Common SEO Mistakes People Make While Doing Their Own SEO, Best Practices for Link Building, How To Do A Quick Website Audit / SEO Audit, 8 Awesome SEO Tips for New Age SEO & Digital Marketing, Content writing tips, Content Marketing Guide, 5 Top Tips for Local SEO & Local SEO Tools, Top 5 SEO Tricks That Work, How to increase your website traffic, lead generation & more

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  1. Excellent course materials


    No one (Or I have not seen anyone as such) offer such in-depth course materials for FREE. In max cases, I have seen very basic pointers are being offered under free and here it is different. 15+ hours of practical approach e-learning content! Anyone who is willing to learn can get quite good knowledge from this Free SEO course and then it’s upon them whether to upgrade to advanced courses or not. I am happy & learnt a lot after taking online advanced digital marketing course from Seven Boats. Well recommended and very good initiative. Keep up the good work.

  2. Good Course For SEO Knowledge


    I have gained much knowledge after completion of the course and giving the quiz, now i am a bit confident to face the real world after completing this course. Thank you seven boats for giving this free course and certification of SEO.

  3. One of the best Free SEO courses


    This is an evergreen SEO course – all the SEO tips and techniques explained here are very apt for today and hopefully for future as well. Mr. Banerjee has explained every video module in details and explained it well starting from scratch. This course has more than fundamental SEO techniques. And the best part is it’s free for all who really want to get quality SEO training or who are searching for good quality SEO course for free. This course is a solid one without any marketing fuss or advertising gimmick. Students will be truly benefited from this SEO course. Thank you.


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