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How can Digital Marketing be used for Publicity

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In the days before the rise of digital marketing, people relied on the traditional forms of media for promotion and publicity. These traditional media included TV, radio and newspapers. There were other methods, like outdoor advertising in the form of billboards, classified ads and several others. The purpose was to reach out a marketing message to as many people as possible. All of this audience was potential customers. When digital marketing came up to be a strong force, you could no longer resort only to the traditional channels of publicity.

What most brands and companies started doing is that they added digital marketing to their existing publicity campaigns through traditional media networks. As a result, the TV ads or advertorials that were published in newspapers were put up on social media profiles of the brand. It married the powers of both the traditional mode of publicity along with the new superpower, digital marketing. You could be sure that between the two of them, your marketing pitch will reach your potential customers.

While most brands played this game, you needed deep pockets to invest in traditional media. Newspaper or TV ads cost a lot, something that smaller brands and startups cannot afford. So they started relying entirely on digital marketing, a choice that paid great dividends for multiple reasons. You get a favourable return on investment (ROI) when you use digital marketing. The cost of using digital publicity channels is pittance compared to using TV or newspapers. So, you save some money in your publicity campaign the moment you pick digital marketing ahead of others.

Secondly, the penetration of high speed internet and low cost smartphones has opened up digital marketing like never before. People are glued to their smartphones instead of watching TV. People check their smartphones on the way to work, watching movies or simply hanging out on social media networks. The sale of newspapers is sliding down every day as more people are reading their news online, even on social networks. So the ideal way to publicise anything these days is through a smartphone or through digital means.

Digital marketing has many flanks that are great for publicity. Social media marketing is a very crucial tool in this regard. You can write blogs and publish them on your website or social media profiles for people to read about your message. You can use email marketing campaigns. You can get low cost and effective publicity through SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Digital marketing also helps you target specific consumer groups or demographics. This is something that you could not get even on traditional media platforms.

If your content is good enough to grab eyeballs, and goes ‘viral’, you need not push your publicity campaign either! The publicity will be auto pilot, with more people getting in million others, while you sit back! Digital marketing can actually take your message on a global scale. With the entire world as your potential audience in case of digital marketing, what more publicity can you want?

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