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How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency?

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To start a digital marketing agency, you need to have a mix of skills, determination, some capital money and lots of contacts to tap for business. While it may take you a couple of years to get the digital marketing agency up and running, the initial stages is also the time when you learn some invaluable lessons in entrepreneurship and problem solving. Later on, when the agency is well established and flying on its own, you will find these lessons are useful in cutting down on mistakes.

If you are the founder of a digital marketing agency, you need all-round skills. You cannot be a specialized player in only one aspect of digital marketing. It may be that your forte is something, like social media marketing, but you need to understand the basics of everything under the ambit of digital marketing. This is crucial because in the very early stages of your agency, you may have to do all the work, or train people working for you. If you don’t have the all-round skills now, develop them before launching your agency.

The second point you should keep in mind is that you need to develop contacts through networking. Digital marketing agencies need business and when your agency is running, it will need the money of clients to move forward. While you develop skills as a complete digital marketer, you should actively network with people you know. They may be former colleagues, clients you handled while working in a previous organization, peers or anyone in this industry. Social media profiles are very helpful in this kind of networking.

Next is that you need to keep aside enough money to sustain your digital marketing agency for a year or two, even when there is little business coming in. That is why most entrepreneurs work in a full-time setup while they build up their agency. It means you have to work during the weekends or long hours into the night! But it will keep you solvent till your agency is able to fund itself. Also, you need to hire a tax consultant. You may be good with taxes but a consultant takes the pressure off you and you can work on your core business area. Tax consultants can also save you valuable money and keep your paperwork tidy.

When you start a digital marketing agency, you have to work towards developing a niche market. In the initial stages, it will be cruel to say no to clients but when you work in areas where you are not comfortable, you will not be able to deliver results. That will have a negative impact on your agency’s reputation. Instead, work in areas where you have a strong insight and experience. This will give you positive results and that can go a long way in establishing your fledgling agency’s brand name.

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