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What is the role of Digital Marketing Executive?

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To understand the role of a digital marketing executive, you need to know the roles and responsibilities of a marketing executive in the traditional sense. In a traditional framework, a marketing executive is entrusted with the duty of promoting and marketing a brand’s products and services. Sometimes, the marketing executive is tasked with achieving sales on the behalf of the company, in a setup where marketing and sales teams merge.

The difference between a traditional marketing specialist and a digital marketing specialist is the use of media. While the former uses traditional modes of marketing like newspaper and TV ads or door to door marketing, digital marketing executives use digital channels, especially the internet.

Let us now take you deeper into the role of a digital marketing executive. For a digital marketer, you need to have a clear idea of the basics of marketing. That is not quite different from the traditional mode. Here too, you have to push demand for a product or service. Where there is no demand for the product, it is the duty of the marketing executive to create one in the mind of the targeted consumer.

To make that happen, digital marketing executives have to study the market keenly. After discussing the USP of a particular product, service or brand in detail, a digital marketer finds out about the target demographic. That may be segregated according to age, gender, location, class or ethnicity. After the segregation is done, the various avenues of digital marketing are evaluated. One avenue of digital marketing may be suitable for a case, but not for another. So it is the job of the digital marketing executive to pick the right platform for marketing. More often than not, battles are won or lost on this one decision.

A digital marketing executive needs to have clear ideas about the different platforms of digital marketing like SEO or PPC. You cannot say, as a digital marketing specialist, that you are unaware of the latest trends in a particular platform. You have to keep yourself updated every day by studying the digital marketing trends of reputed, established brands in your arena of work, even if they happen to be rival brands. You should also try to find the positives in what has worked for the brand you are working for, so that you retain your unique marketing trait. Brands are unique and so must be the digital marketing initiatives.

Digital marketing executives have to address the brand’s presence online. It is not just about selling and promoting. To work on the social presence of a brand, you have to use social media networks, blogs or video marketing. These initiatives are aimed at popularising a brand and managing its reputation online. Sometimes, the job entails responding to customer’s complaints or queries.

So, as a digital marketing executive, be prepared to have your hands full!

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